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Latest Headlines

Quintiles, Mitsui and investors pay toward a new $866M development fund

The world's biggest CRO Quintiles and a number of international investors have come together to create a new fund aimed at lightening the cost burden of pharma drug development.

Takeda bails on obesity med Contrave, spelling trouble for maker Orexigen

Amid underperforming sales and an expensive outcomes trial tab, Takeda is walking away from its marketing pact with Orexigen for obesity therapy Contrave. Now, it'll be up to Orexigen to compete in the U.S. without the Japanese pharma's 900 reps, who helped it grab a leading slice of the pie despite third-to-market entry.

Takeda dumps weight loss med Contrave, leaving Orexigen in the lurch

The moment Orexigen investors have been dreading is here. On Tuesday, Takeda--the California drugmaker's marketing partner on obesity med Contrave--bade it farewell amid underperforming sales and an expensive outcomes trial tab, returning all of the drug's U.S. marketing rights.

Getting serious about digital: Takeda walks the walk with its digital accelerator model

Last year, Takeda decided to tackle digital. But the Japanese-based pharma wasn't interested in dabbling in initiatives here and there. Instead, it decided to spark a digital transformation across the entire company--and created the Takeda Digital Accelerator to do it.

Takeda and Frazier back a $41M round for a new urology biotech

Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical teamed up with biotech venture firm Frazier Healthcare Partners to launch a startup focused on new therapies for urologic diseases, joining a $41 million A round to get the company up and running.

Big vials mean bigger revenue for cancer drugmakers, wasted billions for payers and patients

Pharma price hikes aren't alone in driving up drug costs. Pharma packaging is, too. That's the conclusion of a new study, which found that large cancer-drug vials are fueling $3 billion in waste every year.

Takeda aims to unlock $2B in Entyvio sales with multipronged DTC push

Takeda is going behind closed doors with its first DTC campaign for Entyvio, a new biologic treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases. Bathroom doors, that is.

NEJM study finds Actos holds off repeat strokes, heart attacks in insulin-resistant patients

The diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone), once under intense scrutiny for possible risks to the heart, now has study data showing a cardiovascular benefit. In patients who'd recently suffered a stroke, the Takeda drug beat placebo at holding off additional strokes and heart attacks.

Japan continues to see generics as way to ease healthcare costs

The government of Japan is changing the lucrative brand-name healthcare market as its population ages and requires more drugs with a push to make at least 80% of the government's drug spending be for generics.

Takeda-Teva JV 'could be a trendsetter' as Japan pushes for generics: analyst

Japan's efforts to cut drug costs have prompted at least one big deal this past year, with Takeda Pharmaceutical saying that it would team up with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to respond to the country's generics push. These kind of deals will become more common, some analysts say, as Japan shifts away from branded meds and spurs development of low-cost copycats.