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Latest Headlines

Roche expects April price cut for Avastin in Japan where Tamiflu sales also hit

Japan was a standout for Roche in 2015, but a combination of price cuts for cancer therapy Avastin (bevacizumab) there and lower Tamiflu sales will show up in early 2016.

Alvogen, Natco settle suit over generic Tamiflu

Drugmakers Alvogen and Natco Pharma said they have settled a patent suit filed against them in the United States by Gilead Sciences, Hoffmann-La Roche and Genentech.

Experts push for trials to evaluate Roche, GSK flu drugs' pandemic potential

Critics have long questioned the effectiveness of Roche and GlaxoSmithKline's flu drugs, asking whether their benefits justify the estimated $2 billion spent to stockpile them for potential epidemics. Now, heading into flu season, scientists have an answer: No one knows. 

India's Natco wins again with U.S. challenge to Tamiflu generic

Natco Pharma won another battle in its quest to knock down patent barriers to its generic drugs, this time for a version of the Gilead Sciences' influenza treatment, Tamiflu (oseltamivir).

India's CDSCO moves to expand access to Tamiflu as H1N1 flu spreads

India's CDSCO has requested local regulators to update a 2009 list of the names of pharmacies that are licensed to sell, stock or distribute oseltamavir phosphate (Tamiflu) in India in an effort to facilitate access to medications to combat swine flu (H1N1).

India threatens to close pharmacies that fail to stock adequate Tamiflu

India health authorities have threatened to close pharmacies in the country that fail to maintain an adequate supply of Tamiflu (oseltamivir) or its generics to treat an outbreak of H1N1 influenza.

Supplies of Roche's Tamiflu drained in HK as monthlong H3N2 outbreak hits

SINGAPORE-- Hong Kong health facilities say a monthlong outbreak of H3N2 influenza has drained their supply of the drug they use for treatment, Roche's Tamiflu.

Study of all data on Roche's highly debated Tamiflu says it does help

A significant new study of Roche's blockbuster flu fighter Tamiflu has found that, while it has side effects, it can reduce symptoms by a day and keep some patients out of the hospital with complications, Reuters reports.

Flu-strain mutation unlocks sales opp for antiviral makers Roche, GSK

The flu season's most common viral strain has mutated, meaning this year's shots may not fully protect against it. But the so-called "drifted" strain may open up an opportunity for antiviral makers like Roche's Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline, with the CDC urging earlier use of anti-flu drugs to combat potentially severe symptoms.

Roche to Cochrane: Critical Tamiflu study made 'fundamental mistakes'

Back in April, a study conducted by the nonprofit Cochrane Group suggested that the $2 billion worth of Roche's Tamiflu and other flu fighters stockpiled by the U.S. and the U.K. has essentially amounted to money thrown down the drain. Now Roche is fighting back, claiming the Cochrane researchers failed to include all the relevant data and furthermore didn't seem to understand how Tamiflu works.