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Latest Headlines

Oral-suspension Tamiflu on drug-shortage list

The FDA has added one formulation of Tamiflu to its list of drugs in short supply. The listing is for just the 12mg/ml 25-ml oral suspension for children. The supply of 75-, 45- and 30-mg Tamiflu

Avastin, Tamiflu depress Roche sales by 7%

Poor performance from its cancer star Avastin and falloff from last year's pandemic sales of Tamiflu pushed Roche's sales down by 7 percent to $12.1 billion, below analysts' estimates; the company

Flu vaccine stockpile destruction spotlights expiration dates

After recent flu vaccine stockpile eliminations, manufacturers and consumers alike have renewed their focus on the importance of drug expirations. In 1985, the U.S. Air Force began a testing program

How effective is Roche's Tamiflu, really?

Tamiflu provides only mild protection against complications resulting from influenza. That's according to the Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group that analyzed 20 studies of the drug. The

Brits investigate spread of resistant H1N1

British health officials are investigating the likely person-to-person spread of a swine flu strain resistant to Roche's antiviral drug Tamiflu. Report

Flu vaccine fakes spread

British security software company Sophos says it has intercepted hundreds of millions of fake pharmaceutical spam advertisements this year and found the originating Internet sites, many claiming to

Does Roche's Q3 flout diversification theory?

Maybe drugmakers need to diversify if they don't have a.) a pandemic flu product or two, and b.) price-resistant cancer meds. Roche posted a 9.7 percent boost in third-quarter revenues to $12.2

Presto! Tamiflu multiplies in supply chain magic

Regulatory sleight of hand is increasing supplies of Tamiflu. As reported earlier, Pharmacists are boosting dwindling stores of liquid Tamiflu for children by compounding the contents of expired

Expired Tamiflu OK'd for liquid use

The youngest flu patients are getting better access to drug treatment. The FDA is authorizing use of expired Tamiflu to make an oral suspension of the drug, for small children and others who can't

Flu-remedy news spreads along with virus

A slew of new H1N1 flu treatment news hit over the long weekend, so we're offering a roundup to help you get back up to speed. Roche is supporting research into using its Tamiflu drug in