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Latest Headlines

Report: Manufacturing, logistical challenges to weigh down cancer vaccine market through 2022

The therapeutic vaccines segment of the immunotherapy market is primed for growth, with a new report pegging their major-market sales at $1.2 billion in 2022. But vaccine makers will have their fair share of challenges navigating that market--not to mention the hurdles they'll have to clear to make it there in the first place.

ASCO preview: What's the outlook for cancer vaccines?

The cancer vaccine field has seen its share of late-stage disappointments and outright flops, but a number of hopefuls are lining up to present new research backing their experimental shots at this year's upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in Chicago.

FIT Biotech is set to start a Phase III HIV vaccine trial

If successful the trial--which is due to last two to three years--will culminate in marketing applications to U.S. and European regulators.

A California nonprofit is crowdfunding its tech-enabled HIV vaccine project

In the 25 years since the first World AIDS Day, patient outcomes have improved significantly, but the long-sought-after vaccine remains elusive. As the world commemorated the event this week, two very different projects outlined their plans to combat the virus.

10 promising therapeutic vaccines 2012

This FierceVaccines special report spotlights 10 promising therapeutic vaccines on their way through clinical development that might just change the face of cancer treatment. Many of them are in the early steps of R&D;, so it may be a while, especially for those that are first-in-class, or that are bringing a new technology to the table, but they could be the first baby steps to a brave new world.

Rotund rodents shed pounds with new vaccine

Chubby mice quickly shed 10% of their body weight when injected with modified somatostatin, a peptide hormone.

HPV DNA vax should enter the clinic in 2013

Vaccibody's lead therapeutic DNA vaccine, developed for the treatment of precancerous changes in the cervix caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, is expected to move into the clinic in late 2013 once funding is in place, the company CEO Ole Henrik Brekke told FierceVaccines  at BIO 2012.

Affiris' Parkinson's therapeutic vax starts clinical trials

Parkinson's disease is an incurable disorder that affects the brain and nervous system, leading to problems with movement and cognition. Available treatments help the symptoms but do not slow the progression of the disease; however, a therapeutic vaccine that has begun clinical trials with developer AFFiRiS could modify the disease process itself.

Vaccine approach could trick immune system

Creating vaccines that bind to a damaged cell-recognition molecule called Clec9A could trick dendritic cells into thinking they have encountered a damaged cell and help to launch an immune response.

Addiction vaccines face added funding hurdles

As vaccine targets expand beyond communicable diseases, the New York Times notes that vaccines could hold promise for millions who suffer from addiction. While none have been approved, the potential