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Study: Timing of new TB vaccine matters

A experimental vaccine for tuberculosis, called MVA85A, is more effective when give alone than in combination with other childhood shots. The next-generation vaccine is being developed by Emergent

Protein could lead to better TB vaccine

The current vaccine for tuberculosis uses a bovine version of the disease to protect humans who've contracted the illness. It provides some protection but is not entirely effective. However,

Sequella inks $50M Russian licensing pact for TB treatment

Rockville, MD-based Sequella has completed a round of high-fives with leaders of the region's biotech community after inking a licensing pact covering Russia and surrounding states for its mid-stage

Promising protein may yield TB vax

Researchers found hope in the quest for a new, more effective tuberculosis vaccine in the form of a protein. According to scientists in the UK, the EspC protein showed more promising results than the

Biotechs join forces in TB-fighting consortium

AstraZeneca became the newest member of a €16 million multi-member partnership to find new therapies for tuberculosis. The current remedies for the disease have been in use for over 50 years,

RecipharmCobra oral TB vax produces good immune response

Study results published in the journal Vaccine show that the orally delivered ORT-VAC DNA vaccine produced higher immune responses in mice than the injected DNA vaccine, according to RecipharmCobra

Group uses comic books to explain TB vax trial

The South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) is taking a novel approach to explaining tuberculosis vaccine clinical trials to boost participation in countries not familiar with drug

Studies show need for TB research

Standardizing the approach to tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment that is recommended by the World Health Organization allowed more than 36 million people to be cured between 1995 and 2008, averting

Drugmakers, non-profits to partner on TB drug development

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg announced an initiative Thursday afternoon intended to accelerate the development of combination treatments for tuberculosis and replace an almost 50-year-old drug

Duo aims at Google-like TB gene map

Without doubt, most of the literature about the protein interactions of interest in drug discovery is dispersed among scientific journals. Integrating that information is one of the goals of OSDD,