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Latest Headlines

Researchers target first new TB vax in decades

After years of inattention, health officials are preparing an ambitious set of field trials for the first new tuberculosis vaccine since 1920. And health officials in Uganda, where the vaccine will

Experts: Provide more funding for TB drugs, vaccines

Health experts on Thursday called for more research funding to develop better diagnostic tests, vaccines and drugs for tuberculosis, which killed 1.8 million people worldwide last year. With the

Bayer exec says company will hike R&D spending

Bayer will be increasing its R&D spending in 2010 and enter alliances to fight diseases like TB that largely affect developing nations, according to Werner Wenning (photo), the German group's

J&J, TB Alliance partner on TB drug

Tibotec, a Johnson & Johnson company, has partnered with the nonprofit Global Alliance for TB Drug Development covering Tibotec's drug TMC207. According to the World Health Organization, two

Aeras Global unveils new TB vax facility

The nonprofit Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation in Rockville, MD has opened the doors to a new manufacturing facility that has the capacity to satisfy the worldwide demand for TB vaccine. The

Scientists successful in early-stage TB vax trial

An experimental vaccine for tuberculosis has passed Phase I testing, a significant step that may have an impact on the entire field of developing TB jabs. Researchers at Oxford in England say that

TB vaccine investigators report progress

Researchers at Saint Louis University say they're advancing a new vaccine that could offer much better protection from tuberculosis. "Not only was it as safe as the standard vaccine, it induced a

Researchers develop recombinant TB vax

Researchers at Saint Louis University have developed a vaccine for tuberculosis that may offer better protection than the one currently in use. The investigational vaccine is made from a weakened TB

Oxford-Emergent venture gains $16M for TB vaccine trial

The University of Oxford and Emergent BioSolutions have formed a joint venture--The Oxford-Emergent Tuberculosis Consortium--to further develop MVA85A, an experimental vaccine for the prevention of

Global demographic trends threaten drug industry

You can file the following under the category of really, really bleak forecasts: The rising cost of healthcare in the developing world matched by an aging population is creating a perfect storm for