Type 1 diabetes

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

JDRF, ADA redefine Type 1 diabetes framework to encourage early diagnosis, prevention

In an effort aimed at encouraging earlier diagnosis and even potentially prevention for Type 1 diabetes, the JDRF and the American Diabetes Association have published a new evaluation of the presymptomatic staging of Type 1 diabetes.

DexCom ups 2015 guidance but doesn't aim for profit; plans next-gen launches this year, in 2017

DexCom made a big splash last quarter when it launched a marketing campaign featuring teen pop idol Nick Jonas, who has Type 1 diabetes. The move to address its significant pediatric market helped the connected continuous glucose monitor company to new revenue heights--up 59% to $93.2 million in the second quarter as compared to a year ago.

Study: Researchers find dual-hormone artificial pancreas best for treating nocturnal hypoglycemia

Canadian researchers have found that the dual-hormone artificial pancreas works best for treating patients with Type 1 diabetes by reducing the amount of time they are exposed to nocturnal hypoglycemia.

FDA clears BD insulin infusion set developed with diabetes patient advocacy groups

Becton Dickinson worked with diabetes patient advocate groups to develop its latest insulin infusion set, which is designed for improved insulin flow with reduced interruptions. Now the FDA has cleared the new infusion set based on BD FlowSmart.

Medtronic, Novartis back implantable beta cell diabetes device in $44M Series A, partnership

Semma Therapeutics aims to provide beta cells--the pancreatic cells that produce insulin--to patients with Type 1 diabetes. If the startup can get beyond early research, an implantable device that creates insulin via these stem cell-derived beta cells could replace daily insulin injections and transform patient care.

Combo-happy Diamyd launches new diabetes vaccine trial in children

Diabetes vaccine developer Diamyd Medical is running a Phase II test to see if its candidate, Diamyd, can prevent or delay the onset of Type 1 diabetes in children at very high risk of presenting with the disease.

Sanofi, Selecta join hands in diabetes vaccine push

Selecta Biosciences and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation are widening their 2011 research collaboration for a Type 1 diabetes vaccine--and bringing in a little Big Pharma muscle, too.

Miss Idaho wears insulin pump in swimsuit competition

Miss Idaho is trending, but it has nothing to do with pageantry. The hashtag "show me your pump" became popular after newly crowned Sierra Sandison, diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 2012, was spotted on stage with her insulin pump by her side.

J&J;'s Animas launches a new combination insulin pump in Canada

Following a lengthy waiting period for FDA approval, Animas--Johnson & Johnson's diabetes division--launched its newest combination insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring device in Canada.

Study: Insulin pump beats injection in kids with Type 1 diabetes

Insulin pump treatments worked better than injections to boost glycemic control in children with Type 1 diabetes, a new observational study out of Australia concluded.