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Latest Headlines

Finnish team talks up prospects of Type 1 diabetes vaccine

Positive news on several fronts has softened the blow of 2011's Phase III failure of a Johnson & Johnson-backed Type 1 diabetes vaccine candidate. Finnish researchers are the latest to present positive data.

Type 1 diabetes vaccine impresses in early study

Diabetes treatments either fail to stop the decline of insulin-releasing cells, or put patients at risk by shutting off other bits of the immune system too. New data suggest that DNA vaccines could help preserve the remaining pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells without causing serious side effects.

Cash injection raises hopes of diabetes vaccine

An alliance between supermarket chain Tesco and charity Diabetes UK has brought renewed optimism in the pursuit of a vaccine for Type 1 diabetes.

Tuberculosis vaccine may reverse Type 1 diabetes

A 90-year-old tuberculosis vaccine may help reverse Type I diabetes, Harvard University researchers say.

Immunotherapy bats out Type 1 diabetes in mice

A new study completed by researchers at the University of North Carolina demonstrated injecting non-obese diabetic mice with nondepleting antibodies rapidly reversed Type 1 diabetes.

Protein 'switch' could be key to fighting obesity, diabetes

The body has a "fat switch," researchers at the University of Warwick in the U.K. and the University of Southern California-Los Angeles have found. Its name is carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A, or

Stem cell therapy used to cure types 1&2 diabetes in rat models

A group of scientists in Japan says it extracted neural stem cells from the brains of diabetic rats and successfully transplanted them into their pancreases, where they began to produce insulin. This...

Type 1 diabetes vaccine flunks trial

A vaccine to defend against the progression of type 1 diabetes has failed to elicit a response in a trial presented at an American Diabetes Association meeting. The trial was conducted by the

Type I diabetes nasal vaccine on the horizon

Researchers at the Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia are testing a nasal vaccine that could help prevent Type I diabetes, a disease which occurs when a person's own immune system attacks

ViaCyte progresses toward trials in stem cell diabetes treatment

The Los Angeles Times provides us with an update on ViaCyte, a San Diego-based company that is looking to make the insulin shot a relic of the past for Type 1 diabetes patients. It hopes to replace