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Latest Headlines

Crucell and Scripps find antibody for universal flu vax

Researchers at Crucell and the Scripps Research Institute have discovered a new antibody that could lead to a universal flu vaccine. According to animal test results, the antibody, CR6261,

BiondVax releases promising Ph2 universal flu vax results

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals has completed its first Phase II trial of Multimeric-001, its universal flu vaccine, and the results have spurred the company to begin planning its next test of the vaccine.

H1N1 provides new universal flu vax hope

Thanks to the H1N1 flu virus, researchers may have found a key to developing a universal flu vaccine. According to a University of Chicago and Emory University study, people infected with H1N1 in

Fauci outlines R&D challenges to universal flu vaccine

Developing a universal flu shot is one of the Holy Grails of the vaccine industry. But the long research road to the marketplace will be long and littered with challenging hurdles, according to

BiondVax looks to make mark in universal flu vax space

As we reported earlier, developing a universal flu vaccine is of great interest to many firms, with companies like BiondVax Pharmaceuticals and VaxInnate looking to make their marks in the field.

Dynavax launches first human trial of universal flu vax

Dynavax (NASDAQ: DVAX) has been busy over the last few days. The Berkeley, CA-based vaccine developer says it has begun dosing its first patients in a Phase I trial of its experimental universal flu

Theraclone makes a breakthrough on universal flu vax

Seattle-based Theraclone Sciences says that a team of scientists in its own ranks working in league with researchers from around the world have zeroed in on rare antibodies that have the ability to

Universal flu vaccine protects mice in Mt. Sinai study

Beheading the hemagglutinin protein exposes a stable section of the molecule, and that may just prove the solution needed to develop a universal flu vaccine, according to a team of researchers at Mt.

Novartis VC arm backs fledgling universal flu vax

The venture arm of Novartis has joined a group of investors channeling $13.6 million in fresh funds for Immune Targeting Systems, which is hard at work on an experimental universal flu vaccine. ITS

Universal flu vax programs aim at blanket immunity

The swine flu outbreak has focused a spotlight on new research underway for a universal flu vaccine. Every year vaccine experts engage in a crap shoot of sorts, trying to guess which strains of the