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Latest Headlines

World's first inactivated Sabin polio vaccine approved by China FDA

China's FDA has awarded marketing approval of the world's first Sabin strain inactivated polio vaccine, marking a milestone as well for the Institute of Medical Biology of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

NewLink Ebola vaccine trial begins in U.S. while Glaxo takes its jab to Mali

The race is on to test an experimental Ebola vaccine as West Africa grapples with an out-of-control outbreak and the U.S. scrambles to rectify breaches in protocol after a patient with the virus died at a Dallas hospital and a healthcare worker tested positive for the infection.

Judge: Merck must fight claims that it lied about mumps vaccine benefits

Merck tried to block two lawsuits claiming it lied about the efficacy of its mumps vaccine--but the pharma giant couldn't stop them. A federal judge in Pennsylvania refused to dismiss the lawsuits, filed by a pair of whistleblowers and a group of doctors and payers. Next stop: Trial.

GlaxoSmithKline pledges $7.1B to add Novartis vaccines to its leading lineup

In an announcement full of surprises from Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, the sale of the Swiss company's vaccines division to Glaxo may have been the least surprising part.

Novartis vaccine unit is no wallflower: It has suitors flirting with a deal, too

A couple of weeks back, the Street was abuzz that Merck would hand over its consumer-health business for Novartis' animal-health and vaccines units.  Yesterday, word was that Merck has some consumer-goods giants shopping its consumer-health aisle.

China clears hep B vaccine makers in child deaths

Chinese regulators do not posses a sterling reputation in their home country, having been caught unprepared as one health scare after another has panicked the population. So when reports began surfacing that children were dying from hepatitis B vaccinations, drug and health regulators sprang into action, launching a probe and putting a hold on millions of doses from the leading hep B vaccine maker.

Novartis whacks vaccine jobs as it eyes unit for disposal

The report this week that Novartis'  vaccine and diagnostic operation is one the company's  execs might want to unload  will not surprise employees at its Emeryville, CA, operation, where four dozen workers on the vaccine side have been given layoff notices.

GlaxoSmithKline to seek EMA approval for 2015 malaria vaccine launch

It offers enough protection to slash the number of cases in infants for a time, a new study shows.

GSK, Sanofi, AstraZeneca ready to roll out premium-priced flu vaccines

Will a new generation of flu shots pay off big for vaccine makers? We'll soon find out. As Reuters reports, several top drug companies are rolling out vaccines that fight four strains of influenza, rather than the usual three. And they're expecting to sell those vaccines at a big premium.

Sanofi eyes superiority claim for Fluzone High-Dose after trial boost

Sanofi's high-dose formulation of Fluzone scored in a new trial in seniors. The study pitted Fluzone High-Dose against the regular formula and found that the amped-up version offered 24% better protection in patients 65 and older.