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Latest Headlines

Malaria trials will pay volunteers to get infected

The PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative and Seattle Biomedical Research Institute are teaming up on a new testing facility devoted to preventing malaria. When the Seattle building is complete in two

Out with old, in with new smallpox vaccine

With a new smallpox vaccine accumulating in federal stockpiles, the U.S. government is disposing of millions of doses of Dryvax, the old smallpox vaccine that relies on skin scrapings from infected

Whistleblowers allege problems with Wyeth's Prevnar

Two former Wyeth workers continue to cause controversy for Wyeth's blockbuster vaccine Prevnar. Wyeth disclosed recently that the workers' whistleblower suits accused the company of making false

Novartis opens non-profit R&D vaccine center

One of the world's biggest pharma companies is breaking its business mold for its new R&D center for vaccines. Novartis is modeling its new vaccine development center in Italy on the Novartis

GSK's secret vaccine adjuvant draws attention

GlaxoSmithKline's success advancing two pandemic vaccines--Prepandrix and Pandemrix--relies on a secret formula that drives efficacy of a low antigen dose in these adjuvated products. According to

CDC recommends flu jab for children up to 18

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice has greatly expanded the population of people it's recommending for an annual flu shot. The group is urging parents to make sure everyone aged six

Flu jab missing the mark in seasonal campaign

There's growing evidence around the U.S. that the flu jab offers only marginal protection against the seasonal ailment. In Texas, doctors say this year's flu vaccine guarded against less than 30

Universal flu vaccine shows early promise

Acambis has stirred a significant amount of buzz with some early-stage human data demonstrating the effectiveness of its universal flu vaccine. In the trial, nine out of 10 people developed

Novartis injects $816.5M in vaccine plant

Novartis is pledging to sink €600 million ($816.5 million) into new and expanded facilities in Italy, a local newspaper reports. The company would upgrade its vaccine research center in Siena to