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Latest Headlines

Glaxo, Brazil ink $2.2B vaccine partnership

More emerging-markets action for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The drugmaker has inked a $2.2 billion deal to supply its Synflorix vaccine to Brazil, one of the hottest drug markets in the developing world.

Merck venture to develop vaccines for the poor

Merck and Wellcome Trust have created the MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories, a not-for-profit R&D venture focused on affordable vaccines to prevent diseases common in low-income countries.

Vax will likely trigger tsunami of adverse event claims

Once public health officials start their mass swine flu vaccination campaigns in October, they'll be bracing for a deluge of complaints about adverse events--most of which won't have anything to do

Merck CEO isn't sweating the new HPV vax competition

The long-awaited endorsement of GlaxoSmithKline's HPV vaccine Cervarix is widely expected to pave a short path to formal FDA approval. But Merck isn't sounding all that concerned that its vaccine,

MedImmune: Vaccine ready to go at month's end

MedImmune, which began clinical trials for its swine flu vaccine last month, says the inhaled vaccine could be ready by the end of September. The AstraZeneca subsidiary is now waiting on the FDA to

Flu-remedy news spreads along with virus

A slew of new H1N1 flu treatment news hit over the long weekend, so we're offering a roundup to help you get back up to speed. Roche is supporting research into using its Tamiflu drug in

China OKs first swine flu vax for production

China's Sinovac Biotech has won swift approval to begin manufacturing the country's first swine flu vaccine. And the regulatory green light will likely be followed up in short order with a second

Vaccine for Hendra virus 15 years, $1B away

A human vaccine to guard against the Hendra virus, which recently caused the death of an Australian veterinarian, may be 15 years and one billion dollars away, the renowned scientist Ian Frazer tells

Study: HPV vax may also prevent cancer in men

The same HPV vaccines used to guard against cervical cancer in girls and young women could also protect men from a rare penile cancer. But because that cancer is so uncommon, some experts say it just

Manufacturers get green light to start packing flu vax

Faced with alarming projections that swine flu can kill up to 90,000 Americans, U.S. government officials have given vaccine makers a green light to start preparing shipments of a new jab--their