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Latest Headlines

GSK beefing up vaccine business in India

GlaxoSmithKline is making a move to beef up its vaccine business in India and has started the ball rolling with a price cut on its pneumonia vaccine Synflorix and set the stage for two product launches in 2016, according to a report by the  Business Standard.

Zoetis ups the ante in prevention with new flu vaccine and flea fighter for dogs

Products that prevent diseases in animals are in hot demand these days--a trend that Zoetis demonstrated earlier this month, when it shelled out $765 million to buy Pharmaq, one of the world's leaders in vaccines for farmed fish. But Zoetis is also working hard to expand its presence in preventive health through its own internal research efforts, and that work seems to have paid off with two new product approvals.

GSK's vaccine unit sees revenue, profit jump in Q3

After struggling out of the gate with Novartis' vaccines in hand, GlaxoSmithKline's vaccines unit turned its fortune in the third quarter and was able to deliver considerable increases in sales and profits.

Asia's dengue epidemic highlights race for treatment, vaccine options

A sharp rise in dengue fever is earning it the notorious title as the world's fastest-spreading tropical disease with new outbreaks engulfing the Asian continent, crippling hospital services and forcing facilities to turn away patients, according to a Reuters report.

Vaccine-derived polio case raises ugly head in Laos

An 8-year-old boy in Laos died in September from a case of vaccine-derived polio, the World Health Organization reported, the latest in a series of setbacks to worldwide efforts to wipe out the disease, according to a  Reuters  report. Other instances of vaccine-derived polio have been reported in Ukraine and Mali as well.

Cipla inks deal with Serum for South Africa vaccines

Indian drug giant Cipla and vaccinemaker Serum have partnered for a third time to provide vaccines, this time for Serum's operations in South Africa. Cipla and Serum previously worked together on vaccines in Europe and then to provide flu vaccines in India, according to a report in  The Hindu  newspaper.

International health groups vow renewed effort to eradicate rabies

Sept. 28 was World Rabies Day, an annual campaign sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and the Alliance for Rabies Control, but this year's event was an international affair. Four global health organizations marked the occasion by publishing a call to action for all countries to invest in rabies-control programs, focusing particularly on vaccinating dogs.

GSK inks exclusive vaccines deal with new GlycoVaxyn affiliate

When GlaxoSmithKline bought out GlycoVaxyn for $190 million earlier this year, it gained a set of early-stage vaccines and commissioned GlycoVaxyn's team to create a new company around its existing research operation. That company is LimmaTech Biologics, and now, it and GSK have struck a 5-year exclusive agreement to develop novel bioconjugate antigen-based vaccines.

Merck debuts Fortegra in South America to combat coccidiosis in broilers

Merck Animal Health launched its Fortegra vaccine in South America to help combat a parasitic disease that strikes at the intestinal tract of broilers.  

CSL has 'money burning a hole in our pocket,' but it won't make premium deals

Australian vaccines maker CSL has plenty of wherewithal to make some deals, CEO Paul Perreault says, but he's wary of the prices paid by other drugmakers. Big Pharma's penchant for biotech deals has created "a bit of a bubble," in Perreault's view.