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Latest Headlines

India's Zydus Cadila has 10 vaccines in development, set to launch next year

India's Zydus Cadila Healthcare has around 10 vaccines under development and plans to launch them in India next year, the company said in an earnings call that followed full-year results, entering a busy market in the country that sees a mix of major foreign and domestic players.

Sanofi seeks the next Teenage Idol in meningitis vaccine campaign

Only about 30% of teens receive a second meningitis shot at age 16 as recommended by the CDC, and for vaccine maker Sanofi Pasteur, that's a problem. But the French drugmaker is hoping it can change that, and to do so, it's teaming up with a teen idol.

China proposes new rules on safely handling vaccines; detailed company records a must

China's National Health and Family Planning Commission has issued new regulations ordering transparency in the handling of vaccines and vaccination equipment to ensure their safety.

India works with Hilleman to help industry avoid waste in vaccines stockpile

The Drug Controller General of India, G.N. Singh, told India Today the government has been working with Hilleman on a proposal to research and develop formulations of oral rotavirus vaccines that are thermostable across a variety of temperatures and environmental conditions.

Vietnam-made vaccines WHO-cleared for export

Vietnam has become the 39th nation cleared for global exports of the vaccines it makes, joining an increasingly crowded field of local champions to multinational heavyweights. The World Health Organization gave that clearance recently for a country that expects to be a leading producer within the next 20 to 30 years.

GSK yanks all doses of quadrivalent flu jab for potency problems

This past season's flu vaccines posted one of the worst efficacy rates in recent memory. That's partly because the viral strains they contained weren't the ones that ended up circulating. But on top of that, GlaxoSmithKline has uncovered some other effectiveness problems of its own--and now it's recalling a quadrivalent jab in a move that affects 1.7 million doses.

Pfizer shutters vaccine sales business in China after Prevenar setback

As it beefs up its vaccines business, Pfizer's looking to bolster revenue from the top-selling Prevenar family of shots. But on that front, it's come up against a roadblock in China--and so it's shutting down its vaccines marketing there.

Malaysia at unexpected center of vaccine meetings that highlight regional focus

Two gatherings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this week, although held separately, came close, but not quite, to bringing together the twin issues of vaccines and the practice of halal by Muslims who comprise a third of Asia's population. Apparently, neither of the two primary gatherings had the concerns of the other on its agenda.

CMV-based vaccine could help eliminate the threat of Ebola from apes

The African ape population has played a key role in the enduring threat posed by ebolavirus. Now a group of investigators say they have some new animal data that suggest a CMV-based vaccine could spark the spread of a protective "disseminating" virus that may prevent the threat in the first place.

Sinovac close to China marketing approval for hand, foot and mouth vaccine

China's Sinovac Biotech said it is close to receiving marketing approval for its vaccine for preventing the EV71 virus responsible for hand, foot and mouth disease, a common ailment in Asia that often is fatal.