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UPDATED: VaxInnate brings seasonal flu vaccine into Phase II

Each year, health authorities make predictions about which flu strains will be the most common. But if the strains mutate, flu vaccines are powerless to prevent infection. Enter VaxInnate, which is taking its quick-to-produce quadrivalent seasonal flu vaccine into Phase II safety trials.

VaxInnate reaps $53M for flu jab trials on BARDA contract extension

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services apparently likes what it's seen from a 5-year contract with VaxInnate. Its Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has extended the contract's base period with the flu vaccine maker, a move that allows for the use of $53 million.

VaxInnate bird flu shot flies into Phase I

VaxInnate's VAX161, the company's vaccine in development to protect against a bird flu pandemic, has moved into Phase I trials.

Interview: VaxInnate plots its future following HHS contract

"VaxInnate: We're fast, cheap and easy," jokes CSO Alan Shaw (pictured, left). And that's just what the HHS likes about the company. Last month the agency granted the Cranbury,...

Interview: Novavax's CEO discusses HHS flu vaccine funding

Earlier this week, the HHS doubled down on new vaccine technology. The government granted Maryland-based Novavax a contract worth up to $179.1 million, while Cranbury, NJ's VaxInnate picked up a

Novavax, VaxInnate win $215M to develop better pandemic vaccines

The feds drive to whip up a bigger, faster supply of flu vaccine to fight pandemics has triggered a pair of new contracts initially totaling $215 million for Novavax and VaxInnate. Novavax shares

VaxInnate nabs $30M in fourth venture round

The Wellcome Trust has signed on as a new investor of VaxInnate, leading a $30 million Series D for the vaccine developer as it pursues a more efficient approach to the field. New Leaf Venture

Universal flu vax works in early-stage trial

VaxInnate's universal flu vaccine has produced positive results in an early stage trial at the University of Texas at Galveston. Researchers there said that VaxInnate's M2e universal vaccine