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Latest Headlines

Whistleblower lawsuit on Pfizer's Lipitor dismissed

A federal judge has knocked the breath out of a former Pfizer executive whose whistleblower lawsuit accused the company of using a variety of shenanigans to pedal more scripts of Lipitor, the cholesterol-lowering drug that became the best-selling med of all time.

Indian sales reps strike to demand strict drug-promo rules

In the U.S., pharma sales reps turn whistleblower when they believe their companies are flouting the rules. In India, they apparently go on strike.

Report: Top FDA officials knew of whistleblower email monitoring

The FDA's email monitoring of employees after they testified to Congress about questionable medical device approval practices appears to have been sanctioned all the way to the top, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Sanofi chief among then-GSK execs named in DoJ off-label case

GlaxoSmithKline's $3 billion settlement opened up pages upon pages of Justice Department allegations. And some of those pages name names--well-known names.

Whistleblowers: Merck hid declining efficacy of MMR shot

Two former Merck ($MRK) employees lodged a whistleblower suit against the drugmaker, alleging that it overstated the effectiveness of its MMR vaccine.

Whistleblower claims Takeda blunted Actos heart reports

Did Takeda Pharmaceutical downplay reports of heart failure in Actos patients?

Pharma gets its close-up in new Hollywood films

Pharma films are all the rage in Hollywood these days--and several more are on the horizon. After "Love and Other Drugs" turned Jake Gyllenhaal into a Viagra rep and "Contagion" made a vaccine

J&J whistleblower testifies in TX Risperdal case

As the Risperdal marketing trial grinds on in Texas, a whistleblower took the stand to testify he was fired for raising questions. Allen Jones, who leveled allegations of mismarketing against Johnson

$1B Risperdal marketing suit hits Texas court

As Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) negotiates its Risperdal marketing settlement with the feds, it's going to court in Texas today to fight $1 billion in potential damages. The whistleblower lawsuit,

Genentech to pay $20M in Rituxan whistleblower suit

Genentech joins the whistleblower-settlement crowd, albeit with a payment dwarfed by most of the pharma industry's False Claims Act deals. As the San Francisco Business Times reports, the Roche unit