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Latest Headlines

Hype and hope compete as overnight stardom engulfs untried Ebola drugs

It's not often that the president of the United States is asked to weigh in on whether an experimental drug should be OK'd for human use ahead of human trials. But when it comes to an outbreak of a lethal virus--even one that's been percolating in equatorial Africa for decades--everything is potential fodder for reporters operating in a 24-hour news cycle.

Study: Cholera vaccine has 86% effectiveness rate

Two doses of the oral cholera vaccine Shanchol provided an 86% percent protection rate during a recent outbreak in Guinea, according to a new study.

Scientists to WHO: E-cigs could help lower disease rates

Top scientists from around the world are discouraging the World Health Organization from classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products, arguing that doing so may hurt efforts to curb tobacco use.

Glaxo, Sanofi ready to supply vaccines amid polio emergency

In light of news that polio has once again emerged as a public health emergency, vaccinemakers GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi are reportedly on watch.

WHO offers road map for new vaccine introduction

To help countries achieve the maximum impact of new vaccines, the World Health Organization has released new guidance on how to introduce new vaccines in existing immunization programs.

WHO massively scales up Middle East polio immunization plan

The polio outbreak in Syria has the World Health Organization worried. Just weeks after outlining a two-month, 10-million dose vaccination campaign, the United Nations' public health arm has escalated its plans. The new goal is to vaccinate 50 million kids across the Middle East over the next 8 months.

WHO prequalification moves China into global vaccine arena

The emergence of Indian vaccine manufacturers has helped health authorities drive down the cost of immunization campaigns. Now, the downwards trend is set to accelerate. China has entered the global vaccine arena.

WHO approves low-tech Israeli circumcision device

PrePex, a simple nonsurgical circumcision device made of a rubber band and a grooved ring, has gained crucial World Health Organization approval.

WHO clears way for Sanofi's antimalarial ingredient

The World Health Organization (WHO) has cleared the way for artemisinin-combination therapy (ACT) manufacturers to use Sanofi's semi-synthetic active ingredient. WHO acceptance comes one month after Sanofi began producing the active as an alternative to plant-derived artemisinin.

India has plan to meet Europe's new API regs

A new import law that has European drugmakers and their API suppliers worried about a regulatory train wreck come July appears to have moved the needle in one crucial API producing country: India. An official there says India now has a plan in place to get the required inspections done, or so it seems.