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Latest Headlines

Yervoy may face Roche rival sooner than expected

Roche's new melanoma treatment, dubbed Zelboraf, may get an early entry into the market. Sources tell Reuters the experimental drug could be approved as early as next week, months ahead of schedule.

Yervoy hits the market with $95M bang

Market watchers expected Bristol-Myers Squibb's ($BMY) new cancer drug to be big, but this fast? The company's second-quarter sales left Wall Street estimates in the dust and prompted an increase in

Yervoy may help BMS survive European squeeze

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) is joining the chorus of drugmakers bewailing Europe's troubles. Economic crisis means cash-strapped countries aren't paying their bills on time, putting a pinch on pharma

Bristol-Myers grabs EU approval of key melanoma drug

As expected, the European Commission has approved Bristol-Myers Squibb's ($BMY) immunotherapy called Yervoy (ipilimumab) for melanoma that spreads to internal organs. And the company's European chief

Study: BMS drug works in untreated melanoma patients

Bristol-Myers Squibb's new melanoma drug got another data boost over the weekend. At the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting, researchers presented a study showing the drug extended

Roche's vemurafenib plays a starring role at ASCO

Vemurafenib, the experimental melanoma drug advanced by Plexxikon and now spearheaded by Roche, emerged as the clear star of ASCO over the weekend. Cancer experts were cheered by the news that 84

BMS, Roche join forces and drugs on combo melanoma program

If you want to attack an aggressive killer like metastatic melanoma, it's best to target it from as many angles as possible. That's the approach that Roche is taking with its promising late-stage

ASCO spotlight on Yervoy, Zytiga and more

As the big ASCO meeting nears, melanoma drugs are set for a lot of attention, thanks to one newly approved treatment and a few others waiting in the wings. And so are prostate cancer treatments, for

Roche, GSK melanoma drugs in ASCO's "hottest" spotlight

With Roche eager to discuss at ASCO how its closely-watched melanoma drug vemurafenib--in-licensed from Plexxikon--extended the survival of patients in a key study, Bloomberg takes an in-depth look

EMA nod for key new drugs from GSK, Merck, BMS

Three drugs recently approved in the U.S. to great fanfare have now won recommendations for sale in Europe. The European Medicines Agency's (EMA) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use gave