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The 20 top-selling vaccines in H1 2012

As H1 came to a close, FierceVaccines decided to take a look at which prophylactic vaccines flew off the shelves--and which companies made the sales. Take a look at the full list >>

Merck expands packaging plant to take on more vaccines

With increased production and growing supplies, the company hopes to regain some of the momentum with Zostavax that was lost when production issues derailed plans in 2006.

Shingles shot safe and well-tolerated, study finds

Shingles can lead to post-herpetic pain and other issues in older people, and the vaccine, which halves the chance of severe attacks of shingles, is safe and well-tolerated in this group, a new study finds.

Innovative construction project boosts Merck's Zostavax manufacturing

It has taken 6 years, but with a significant manufacturing expansion, Merck has gotten its issues addressed for its shingles vaccine Zostavax.

With Zostavax supplies restored, Merck aims for revival

After manufacturing problems constricted supplies for several years, the U.S.-based drugmaker has filled back orders and restored ongoing supplies, clearing the way for a renewed sales push.

Study: No benefit for Merck's zoster booster

A paper presented to the American Academy of Dermatology looked at the effectiveness of a booster shot of a VZV vaccine.

Shingles vaccination levels fall short of expectations

Five years ago, Merck gained FDA approval for its shingles prevention vaccine Zostavax. The agency recently expanded that approval to adults 50 years and older. Yet vaccination rates remain low due

FDA approves Merck's Zostavax for more adults

Three months after the CDC recommended all adults over the age of 60 receive Merck's Zostavax vaccine, the FDA has approved the shingles preventative for use in adults ages 50 to 59. The FDA approved

Virus present up to one month after Zostavax immunization

Some patients inoculated with Zostavax, Merck's shingles vaccine, shed the virus used for the vaccine through their saliva for one month after immunization, according to a researcher from the

Merck's Zostavax halves risk of shingles

Although shingles isn't cureable, a retrospective study has found that Merck's Zostavax vaccine can cut a person's risk of of developing the illness by 55 percent. It is the only shingles vax