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Latest Headlines

After 2 months, FDA lifts clinical hold on Advaxis' cervical cancer vaccine

Back in October, the FDA slammed the brakes on four studies involving Advaxis' cervical cancer vaccine, axalimogene filolisbac, dubbed ADXS-HPV. The Princeton, NJ-based company announced on Wednesday that the FDA has lifted the clinical hold, allowing it to carry on with its clinical trials and sending its shares up 38%.

Bavarian Nordic announces PhI data for new cancer vaccine candidate

Bavarian Nordic makes most of its money from its smallpox business, but it is working to expand its reach with moves in the cancer vaccine arena. Toward that end, the Danish company announced on Tuesday the results from a National Cancer Institute-sponsored Phase I study of its new cancer vaccine candidate, MVA-BN Brachyury.

NantWorks buys control of cancer vaccines with $50M Precision Biologics investment

Placing a bet in a field that has swelled with attention in the last year, biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong and his NantWorks umbrella organization are dropping $50 million into Dallas-based Precision Biologics and its lineup of proprietary cancer vaccines.

Cancer vaccines field sees new player emerge with Gritstone's $102M Series A

Following a wave of recent activity in the cancer vaccines space, Gritstone Oncology burst onto the scene this week, bringing with it financial backing, scientific expertise and new energy to the field that has for years experienced mostly disappointment.

FDA puts clinical hold on Advaxis' cervical cancer vaccine

On Sept. 18, Advaxis reported "encouraging" data from a Phase II trial of its cervical cancer vaccine, axalimogene filolisbac, dubbed ADXS-HPV. Now, the biotech is reporting an FDA clinical hold on the candidate--5 days after the FDA placed the hold.

Focusing on neoantigens, Neon Therapeutics launches with a $55M Series A

Fresh off of a $55 million Series A financing round, Neon Therapeutics jumped into the cancer vaccines space today with the aim of utilizing neoantigen biology to unlock a powerful immune response against the disease.

Looking to Opdivo combo trial, Heat ends cancer vaccine PhII

Cancer vaccine/checkpoint inhibitor partnerships just keep rolling in. On Tuesday, oncology company Heat Biologics announced that it's the most recent to get involved, though it'll be applying the method to a cancer that so far others haven't.

AZ's MedImmune offers up $727M to get its hands on Inovio cancer vaccine

MedImmune on Monday announced a development deal worth up to $727 million--$27 million upfront--to acquire exclusive rights to Inovio Pharmaceuticals' HPV cancer vaccine INO-3112 and to develop additional cancer vaccine candidates.

Cancer vaccines field to see sizable growth, report says

Though cancer vaccines have seen limited success and late-stage clinical failures in recent years, a new report by Infiniti Research suggests they're here to stay and will begin taking off in a big way.

Merck, Amgen to test Keytruda/T-Vec combo in head and neck cancer

While the FDA deliberates whether to approve Amgen's melanoma-fighting vaccine, T-Vec, as a monotherapy, the California biotech is partnering with Merck to test T-Vec in combination with the PD-1 drug, Keytruda, in patients with head and neck cancer.