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Latest Headlines

Dendreon to lay off more staff as Provenge disappoints. Again

In the latest round of layoffs, Dendron plans to save $125 million in operating expenses by cutting its headcount by 15%. Around 150 full-time employees are set to lose their jobs over the next nine months as Dendreon cuts its R&D; and marketing budgets in a bid to achieve profitability.

Study finds one HPV vaccine dose gives strong, durable immune response

While half of U.S. teenage girls receive one dose of human papillomavirus vaccine, far fewer come back to complete the regimen. What is less clear is whether one dose offers any protection, but a new study offers some hope.

Merck readies FDA submission for son of Gardasil

A competitor is threatening to chip away at sales of Merck's human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil. Fortunately for Merck, it is the company developing the rival.

Roche targets cancer vaccine partnerships

The interest in vaccine deals stems from a belief that tweaking the immune system can have a major impact on cancer care.

Researchers highlight knowledge gaps hindering cancer vaccines

As the succession of late-phase cancer vaccine flops shows, critical gaps in knowledge of the disease remain. Failure to tackle these gaps in breast cancer could see the loss of around 185,000 lives in the United Kingdom by 2030.

Merck KGaA lung cancer vaccine to re-enter Phase III

When Merck KGaA's lung cancer vaccine Stimuvax flunked Phase III trials in December, many thought the project was dead. Merck continued to work on the compound though, and now, having probed the improvements seen in some patients in the last trial, is heading back to the clinic.

Brain cancer vaccine data gives Agenus' stock a boost

Agenus has had a topsy-turvy month. Its share price fell off a cliff after the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine that uses its adjuvant failed a Phase III trial, only to rally this week on the back of news about its own clinical candidate.

Implant aims to end logistical challenges of cancer vaccines

Logistical and manufacturing complexities have tempered hype around personalized cancer vaccines for years, with skeptics questioning the viability of removing, reprogramming and reintroducing immune cells on commercial scales. An implantable vaccine aims to overcome these problems.

PhIII data dents GSK's hopes for cancer vaccine

Coming into 2013 GlaxoSmithKline highlighted a cancer vaccine as one of its brightest late-phase candidates. Yet, like many cancer vaccines before it, MAGE-A3 has disappointed at the final hurdle.

Israel may drop planned HPV vaccination program

Israeli health ministry officials are reportedly considering dropping plans to give HPV vaccines to 52,000 teenage girls.