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Latest Headlines

CDC reports strong uptake of Merck's Gardasil in boys

After struggling to persuade parents to vaccinate teenage girls against human papillomavirus, health experts expected a frosty reception when labeling was expanded to include boys. Yet early data shows Merck's Gardasil is off to a good start.

PATH defends itself against Indian criticisms of HPV project

Nonprofit PATH has come under attack this week after a parliamentary committee accused it of subterfuge in a human papillomavirus vaccine project that gave GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix and Merck's Gardasil to girls in two Indian states.

Weak Provenge sales send Dendreon shares tumbling

The miss means Dendreon now expects to fail to achieve its modest goal of growing sales year-on-year.

Study suggests GSK's Cervarix can prevent throat cancer

The public health push to vaccinate both boys and girls against human papillomavirus has been hindered by a lack of studies showing that the jabs prevent forms of cancer other than cervical. Now data on throat cancer are emerging a week after an anal disease study.

Merck KGaA: Lung cancer vaccine not dead

Despite flunking a Phase III trial in December, Merck KGaA is still talking about its lung cancer vaccine. The company has decided to push on with another ongoing late-phase trial in Asia and is now weighing the options of starting a further study.

Latin American cancer vax races Big Pharma rivals

The lung cancer vaccine race has brought together an unusual mix of players. Merck KGaA was in a good position, but its vaccine disappointed in Phase III, while GlaxoSmithKline could report data on its candidate this year. Then there is the Cuba-Argentina joint venture.

Cancer vaccines report mixed fortunes at ASCO

At the cancer conference ASCO, researchers reported weak Phase III results for a telomerase peptide vaccine, GV1001, in pancreatic cancer patients. Most other cancer vaccines presented at the conference are at earlier stages of development.

Analyst taps Bristol, Roche cancer immunotherapies for explosive growth

Cancer vaccines have so far generated more headlines than health benefits. Even some of the success stories, like Dendreon, have faltered once faced with trying to commercialize an oncology immunotherapy. Yet the vast potential means people continue to talk up the sector.

GSK, Merck agree on HPV vax discount with GAVI

Social issues have held back uptake of GlaxoSmithKline and Merck human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines in the U.S., but globally the problem is more fundamental--the shots cost too much. It is these low-income countries--where 85% of cervical cancer cases occur--that need the vaccines most though.

Ovarian cancer vax makes good start on long slog to approval

In a study trialed by the University of Pennsylvania, researchers have developed a vaccine using trial participants' own blood and tumor cells.