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Latest Headlines

Sagent looks to expand its China plant and to add proprietary products

Sagent Pharmaceuticals passed a milestone last year when it bought out a Chinese partner and took ownership of a manufacturing plant. Now the U.S. drugmaker wants to try another first and is out shopping for some proprietary products to tuck into its portfolio.

China cracks down on bogus med tech websites

Despite China's massive investment into modernizing its healthcare infrastructure and services, the market still has a bit of a wild-west feel that can jeopardize the reputation of med tech companies and place patient safety at risk. Xinhuanet (part of the Xinhua News Agency) reported that the country's main regulatory agency determined that 10 websites published fraudulent medical device information, including fake devices for sale.

Clinipace dives into Asia with Choice Pharma buyout

North Carolina's Clinipace is looking to scale up its global presence, buying out Hong Kong CRO Choice Pharma and planning to merge its operations into a transcontinental player.

Source: Ranbaxy shops for Nexium API to salvage lucrative launch

Making drugs requires ingredients--and that is what Ranbaxy Laboratories has been struggling with since the FDA banned its key active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) plant in January

INC buys its way into the Middle East with MEK deal

INC Research is doubling down on the Middle East, buying up a longtime partner to tighten its grip on a region the CRO says is rapidly developing into a go-to market for clinical research.

WuXi soars on manufacturing and plots another leap in 2014

WuXi PharmaTech boosted its revenue 15.6% last year, and China's largest CRO is expecting to match that growth in the new year, counting on steady demand for manufacturing and a larger share of the U.S. research market.

On India trip, U.S. diplomat cites 'concern' about anti-patent actions

One of India's solutions to get lower-cost meds for its impoverished and uninsured--compulsory licenses--has ignited drugmakers' ire. And with an Indian committee currently assessing a batch of patented drugs as compulsory licensing candidates, the U.S. is fighting back--politely, at least so far.

Sanofi makes inactive polio vaccine available to poor countries for $1 a dose

Back in November, the GAVI Alliance added inactivated poliovirus vaccines to the list of products it makes available in the world's poorest countries. Now UNICEF is adding its backing, striking a deal with Sanofi to supply the vaccine to GAVI-supported countries for as little as $1 per dose.

Lilly and its partner Novast start work on a plant in China

Eli Lilly and Chinese partner Novast have started on a new plant in China to manufacture generic versions of Lilly drugs, a bit of good news on a day when manufacturing issues had otherwise cast a shadow over the Indianapolis-based drugmaker.

Celerion stretches into South Korea for translational studies

Early-phase CRO Celerion is expanding its reach into South Korea, partnering up with a local hospital to run trials in the country's fast-growing market for clinical research.