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Latest Headlines

EnteroMedics sees first product revenues

Last week, we profiled EnteroMedics' ($ETRM) seeming rise from the ashes. Today, it's reporting its first product revenues.

China seizes 77 million tainted drug capsules in crackdown

The crackdown in China on companies that have been using waste leather products to make their drug capsules continues.

Pfizer, J&J, Abbott facing shortages of crucial ingredients in Pakistan

The American Business Council has warned authorities that they had better get the matter sorted out or the country will soon face shortages.

China sweeps up dozens in whirlwind drug-capsule probe

Chinese police are all over the chromium-tainted drug capsules.

Singapore streamlines fees, approval times for low-risk devices

Singapore's Health Sciences Authority slashed the approval time frame and registration costs for Class A and B medical devices, respectively--both low-risk categories--after industry demanded streamlining of the regulatory process.

EnteroMedics claws its way back, nabs funding

MedCity News offers an interesting take this morning on EnteroMedics ($ETRM), which has seemingly come back from the brink of disaster and could one day see the FDA bless its obesity treatment Maestro.

emPower maker PixelOptics raises $7M

Roanoke, VA-based PixelOptics, the maker of emPower, the world's first electronic focusing eyeglasses, hauled in more money this week.

China shuts down 10 drug capsulemakers

China's top drug regulator is shutting down any manufacturer whose drug capsules are found to have unacceptable levels of chromium.

Stem cell startup SynGen scores $5M in Series A

Japanese scientists report that they have grown hair on hairless mice by implanting follicles created from stem cells. In fact, stem cells have been in the news a lot lately. So it's timely that Sacramento, CA-based SynGen, a regenerative medical device company, has raised $5 million in a Series A round from Bay City Capital.

Another day, another deal for Valeant's Pearson

Valeant Pharmaceuticals ($VRX) made the M&A news again today: This time, the Canadian drugmaker scored some assets from Atlantis Pharma, a Mexican branded-generics company, for $71 million.