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Latest Headlines

TB vaccine tested in infants of HIV-positive mothers

University of Cape Town's South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative and Stellenbosch's Desmond Tutu TB Centre are recruiting infants to test a new tuberculosis vaccine for newborns of HIV-positive moms, a demographic not served by the current vaccine.

Global pediatric vaccine market to hit $23B by 2015

The global pediatric vaccine market will likely hit a value of more than $23 billion by 2015, a market analysis shows. GlaxoSmithKline leads the charge with nearly a quarter of the global market.

IDRI fetches $10M from Gates Foundation for adjuvant research

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded $10 million to Seattle, WA-based IDRI for formulating new and improved vaccine adjuvants, focusing predominantly on tuberculosis.

Nuron acquires Pfizer's meningitis vaccine

Startup Nuron Biotech acquired from Pfizer a vaccine to protect against meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia for an undisclosed amount.

Altravax lands $3.45M from NIH for HIV vaccine research

North Dakota-based Altravax landed two research grants worth $3.45 million from NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for research on HIV-1 vaccines that induce antibody production.

Sanofi Pasteur nabs Menactra expansion in Canada

Health Canada gave the nod to Sanofi Pasteur Canada to expand the indication for Menactra to infants 9 months of age.

Virus found in dogs may fuel new vaccines

A virus found in man's best friend may offer a platform for developing a potent human vaccine.

Danish-made TB vaccine sickens Romanian children

A Danish-made tuberculosis vaccine sickened more than 100 children in Romania, according to a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control report.

Top 10 selling flu vaccines of 2012

What do less-than-stellar vaccination rates mean for sales? Looking at actual worldwide 2011 sales numbers and estimated worldwide 2012 sales numbers provided by EvaluatePharma, it seems sales as a whole are only slightly up for the top 10 best-selling flu vaccines. Read more >>

FDA: Dynavax's Heplisav effective against hepatitis B

California's Dynavax Technologies scored a win when FDA staff said the company's Heplisav vaccine works against the contagious liver disease hepatitis B.