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Latest Headlines

Study: Measles vaccines don't increase the risk of seizures

A study has shown that measles-containing vaccines such as measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR), with or without the varicella vaccine (V), do not increase the risk of febrile seizures.

Nasal RSV vax shows promise in the lab

A team at the University of Saskatchewan, along with VIDO-InterVac, is developing a nasal vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus that shows promise in the lab.

Study: No benefit for Merck's zoster booster

A paper presented to the American Academy of Dermatology looked at the effectiveness of a booster shot of a VZV vaccine.

Vaxfectin-based malaria vaccine could stop transmission

An experimental malaria vaccine could prevent the transmission of malaria from mosquitoes to humans.

Genetic tweaking could create chlamydia vaccine

There is currently no chlamydia vaccine, but an Indiana University researcher has been given $2.3 million to try to create one.

TB vaccine in South African trials; blueprint will drive development

A new TB vaccine is expected to complete the first advanced clinical trials in South Africa in 2013. 

iBio shares jump with flu shot clinical trial

iBio's shares have jumped 21% with the announcement that it has completed the first Phase I clinical trial of its plant-based vaccine for H1N1 influenza.

Whooping cough bug evades vaccine in Australia

It seems that the prolonged whooping cough epidemic that's swept Australia is caused by a new strain that is evading the protection given by the vaccine.

First U.S. cholera vax ready for PhIII

PaxVax's single-dose oral cholera vaccine has been cleared by the U.S. FDA to go into Phase III trials. The vaccine, known as PXVX-0200, is a live, attenuated vaccine and is already available in 6 countries.

World has huge unmet vaccine needs

While vaccines in some form or another have been used since the 16th century, there are still areas of unmet need. "The world still has no vaccine for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, and there's need for a better vaccine against influenza," as Australian Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty told The Times of India.