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Latest Headlines

J&J; brings Ebola vaccine to trial in Sierra Leone

Just three weeks after it struck up a $28.5 million government partnership to advance its Ebola vaccine, Johnson & Johnson announced on Friday that it is starting a safety and immunogenicity trial in Sierra Leone for its Ebola candidate.

BiondVax, EU's UNISEC team up for universal flu jab PhIIb

Less than a month after pairing with the NIAID on a Phase II trial of its universal flu vaccine in the U.S., BiondVax is looking to Hungary for its next trial, this time in conjunction with an overseas public health authority.

UPDATED: NewLink wins $26.1M in government funding to advance Ebola vaccine

NewLink Genetics won a total of $26.1 million in funding to further the development of its candidate Ebola vaccine from the DOD's Defense Threat Reduction Agency and HHS' BARDA in the span of just over a week. The company has licensed the research, development and manufacturing of the jab to Merck.

IDRI, Wellcome Trust to take tuberculosis jab to PhIIa in South Africa

With multidrug-resistant forms of tuberculosis on the rise, and the variable efficacy of the generic BCG vaccine, it is getting harder and harder to treat the disease. The Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) is stepping up to the plate and taking its TB candidate to Phase IIa trials in South Africa.

Serum Institute sets out for dengue fast track

Asia's largest vaccinemaker just made a play that could affect the race for a vaccine protecting against dengue fever, a common affliction that has a big impact in the region.

Inovio-led team picks up $24M from DARPA to develop Ebola vaccine, treatments

Just 5 months after it scored $21 million of a potential $45 million grant for the development of Ebola treatments, Inovio Pharmaceuticals picked up the remaining $24 million from DARPA, the company announced on Monday. The DOD's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency chose Inovio to lead the development of Ebola treatments and preventive measures, including a DNA-based vaccine against the disease.

J&J;'s Janssen strikes four-year, $28.5M government partnership to advance Ebola vaccine

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen struck a four-year, $28.5 million government partnership to further the development of the Ebola jab on which Janssen is collaborating with Bavarian Nordic. Janssen awarded Bavarian Nordic $9 million in a subcontract, the latter announced Tuesday.

UC Berkeley scientists identify protein that causes dengue shock as a potential vaccine target

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have identified a viral protein that causes fluid loss and shock that indicate severe and potentially fatal dengue infections.

Novavax reports positive top-line data from PhII trial of RSV vaccine

There is no vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes 177,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths each year in adults older than 65. But early data from Novavax's Phase II trial of its RSV candidate show its promise in protecting older adults.

State vaccination laws impact outbreak rates, study finds

A University of Georgia study found that lax state vaccination laws lead to lower immunization rates and increased outbreaks of preventable diseases. The authors--David Bradford and Anne Mandich--also noted that exemption rates have dramatically risen in the last 10 years, attributable to religious and philosophical reasons.