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Latest Headlines

BiondVax, MonoSol Rx develop oral universal flu vaccine

BiondVax and MonoSol Rx have joined forces to develop an oral delivery system for the universal flu vaccine M-001.

In search of a lasting flu vaccine

Every flu season, doctors and pharmacists must stock up on the latest influenza vaccine to offer patients. Unlike other vaccines that provide decades worth of protection, the flu vaccine needs to be administered every year. But researchers are looking to change this.

Study: Flu vaccine protects against heart attacks

A new study shows the influenza vaccine protects against more than just the flu--it defends against heart attacks.

UPDATED: Canada, Switzerland lift ban on Novartis flu vaccine

Health Canada is investigating the discovery by the company of small clumps of virus particles in some batches of the flu vaccines sold in the country as Fluad and Agriflu.

Italy bans Novartis influenza vaccines

Italy banned the sale of Novartis influenza vaccines pending tests for possible side effects, and Switzerland took precautions too, Reuters reports. Initial reports show the ban followed discovery of white particles in the injections.

EMA: 'Insufficient' link between narcolepsy and GSK flu vaccine

The European Medicines Agency began a review of the vaccine's safety in 2010. On Friday, the agency announced that evidence presented so far does not lead to any new concerns regarding the safety of the vaccine.

Novavax reports positive avian flu vaccine results

Novavax enjoyed a bump in its stock--a climb of 4.9%--after reporting positive results from two Phase I trials of its avian influenza vaccine candidate, Bloomberg reports. Novavax closed Friday at $2.35; shares have risen 87% this year.

University of Minnesota researchers call for better flu vaccine

Researchers at the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy claim current influenza vaccines offer less protection against the infectious disease than previously thought, and better ones are necessary.

Flu vaccine manufacturers face steep odds

As flu season approaches, vaccines companies are working against the odds to market their influenza vaccines. Last year, the overall U.S. vaccination rate was about 42%--a far cry from the target rates of 80% for people ages 6 months to 65 years and 90% for those older than 65.

Medicago, Philip Morris ink China vaccines deal

Vaccines-focused biopharmaceutical company Medicago inked an agreement giving tobacco company Philip Morris International the license to develop the company's pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccines for China.