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Latest Headlines

Panasonic, Kyoto University unveil radar-based remote vital sign sensor

Kyoto University and Panasonic have revealed a novel vital-sign-sensing technology that's based on radar. This enables the system to remotely detect heart rate and heartbeat interval without any sensors being placed on the patient's body. The accuracy of the system is on par with electrocardiographs.

UPDATED: U.K.'s NHS launches a series of med tech trials with Google's Verily, IBM, Philips

The United Kingdom's National Health Service sees med tech as crucial to addressing healthcare improvements. It's launched a series of 7 trials with several major technology partners designed to test several means of integrating med tech specifically into at-home care for elderly and chronic disease patients.

GlaxoSmithKline bails on Basilea's eczema drug, nixing a $72M payout

GlaxoSmithKline has abandoned its plot to win FDA approval for an eczema treatment from Basilea Pharmaceutica, ending a project that could have paid its partner about $72 million plus royalties.

Flailing MannKind makes a murky move to stay afloat, signing away pipeline drugs

MannKind, decimated by the departure of former co-signer Sanofi, is trying to conserve value in the face of sluggish sales for its inhaled insulin, signing a deal to transfer some of its pipeline to an obscure new company.

Biosimilars developer Celltrion taps Medidata for trial tech

South Korea's Celltrion has recruited Medidata to provide eClinical technology as it works to develop copycat versions of the world's top-selling biological treatments.

GSK, Qualcomm rumored to form $1B med tech JV

GlaxoSmithKline and Qualcomm are in talks to create a joint venture to enable GSK to expand into med tech, according to a report by Bloomberg that cites anonymous people knowledgeable of the matter.

Bristol-Myers moves forward with its $1.2B CytomX alliance

Bristol-Myers Squibb, working alongside CytomX Therapeutics, picked a third cancer project in a collaboration that could pay its partner as much as $1.2 billion.

Takeda teams up with enGene for gastrointestinal gene delivery R&D

Japanese pharma Takeda and Montreal's enGene have teamed up to develop gastrointestinal gene therapies using the latter company's Gene Pill delivery platform.

NeuroVive takes a 10% stake in partner Isomerase

Swedish drug developer NeuroVive Pharmaceutical is cozying up to R&D partner Isomerase Therapeutics, buying a stake in the company as the two move together on a CNS project.

Evotec hits an R&D milestone with J&J in an ambitious Alzheimer's collaboration

Risk-sharing researcher Evotec said it's advancing an early-stage Alzheimer's disease project alongside partner Johnson & Johnson, working to find new approaches to treating the neurodegenerative disorder.