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Mayo joins Sanovas to develop lung-clearing asthma treatment

Sanovas, a devicemaker specializing in microinvasive surgery for the lungs, joined forces with the Mayo Clinic to market its outpatient treatment for asthma that relaxes the muscles that constrict the airways.

Atossa teams with Thermo to market 'Pap smear for breast cancer'

Atossa Genetics has been steadily expanding the reach of its ForeCYTE breast health test, and now the company has inked a distribution deal with Thermo Fisher, seeking a brighter spotlight for a diagnostic Atossa says could change the lives of millions.

Boehringer grabs option on Karolinska cardiovascular therapy

Boehringer Ingelheim has stepped in to pick up an option on a preclinical cardiovascular program under development at Stockholm-based Athera Biotechnologies, which is part of Karolinska Development's biotech portfolio.

inVentiv taps PatientsLikeMe for trial recruitment

In its 9 years in operation, PatientsLikeMe has recruited more than 200,000 members, culling data on symptoms, treatments and responses from disease sufferers around the world. Now, in its first deal with a CRO, the company has paired up with inVentiv Health to help recruit for clinical trials.

Siemens inks companion diagnostics deal with J&J

As Siemens banks on personalized medicine to help turn around its healthcare business, the technology giant said its new companion diagnostics deal with Johnson & Johnson is a step in the right direction.

Ash Stevens signs on for Ariad's blockbuster contender

Contract manufacturer Ash Stevens has signed on to manufacture the API for Ariad's recently approved leukemia drug.

Synexus wins Pfizer's favor for South African trials

Patient-recruitment specialist Synexus has won a place in Pfizer's stable of preferred providers, giving the company advance information about future clinical trials and a leg up on other outsourcers.

Ambrx taps WuXi for HER2-targeting cancer drug

Thanks to some big-name deals over the past year, Ambrx could rake in nearly $1 billion in licensing for its antibody drug conjugates, but the company hasn't lost sight of its in-house development, now partnering with WuXi PharmaTech and a Chinese drugmaker to advance a breast cancer treatment.

MC10 pushes wearable sensors with Medtronic co-sign

Massachusetts' MC10 has developed a stretchable, sensor-laden technology you can wear, allowing for vital readings on the go, and with big-name backers like Medtronic and Reebok, the company believes its innovation could revolutionize mobile health.

MPI teams up with imaging outfits to woo drug developers

MPI Research is joining forces with InviCRO and 3D Imaging to open a state-of-the-art imaging center for drug discovery and development, pooling resources to create a one-stop shop.