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Latest Headlines

Qualcomm, UnitedHealthcare to develop apps to incorporate wearables, medical devices and Dx

Qualcomm Life will help UnitedHealthcare develop connected health services for its employer wellness program. The healthcare insurance giant has enormous reach, contracting with more than one million healthcare providers and about 6,000 hospitals and care facilities in the U.S.

Dell, Zebra Medical offer machine learning algorithms for medical image analysis

In the latest effort aimed at better management and analysis of medical images, Israel's Zebra Medical Vision and Dell Services are collaborating to offer algorithm-based image analysis for healthcare providers.

J&J; partners with, invests in WellDoc for real-time Type 2 diabetes management

Johnson & Johnson has partnered with mobile health technology WellDoc to incorporate the latter's BlueStar diabetes management platform into J&J; diabetes care company LifeScan's latest blood glucose monitor. The idea is to give Type 2 diabetes patients access to real-time mobile data and information intended to improve their health outcomes.

Ipsen bets up to $855M on Exelixis' once-failed cancer drug

Exelixis, picking up the pieces after a value-destroying clinical failure, licensed its top cancer prospect to French drugmaker Ipsen in a deal worth up to $855 million, hoping to expand the use of its therapy around the world.

AstraZeneca scores $500M for two cardio drugs licensed to China Medical

Beijing-based China Medical System Holdings will pay U.K. multinational AstraZreneca $500 million to in-license rights for cardio therapies Plendil and Imdur.

Boehringer and AbbVie are reportedly weighing a multibillion-dollar cancer alliance

Drugmakers Boehringer Ingelheim and AbbVie are discussing an oncology partnership potentially worth billions of dollars, according to Bloomberg, a move that could help both companies play catch-up in a fast-growing field.

Baxalta dives into CAR-T with a $1.6B bet

Baxalta, soon to merge with Shire, is wading into the world of re-engineering T cells to fight cancer, signing a deal worth up to $1.6 billion to get its hands on some potential immunotherapies.

Post-Pfizer Icagen pairs up with Aptuit for drug discovery

Months removed from a Pfizer spinout, biopharma service provider Icagen signed a deal with Aptuit to collaborate on early-stage research, planning to co-marketing services to drugmakers.

Propeller partners with Aptar in hopes of winning race to first integrated 'smart' inhaler

Smart inhaler company Propeller Health is teaming up with Aptar Pharma to develop a pressurized metered dose inhaler with sensors and components that monitor usage of the upcoming asthma and COPD fighting device, dubbed the cMDI. The deal with Aptar aims to build the sensors directly into the inhaler, rather than making them available as an optional, add-on accessory, as is currently the case.

Japan's Otsuka announces new plan for delamanid to help curb TB

The German unit of Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceutical said it will participate in the Stop TB Partnership to make the recently approved drug Delamanid available to more than 100 low and middle income countries to help cut rates of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.