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Latest Headlines

Buzz: Merck and Novartis trying to iron out details of business unit swap

Swap deals are notoriously difficult to pull off, with the inability to make an "apples-to-apples" comparison of assets scuppering most attempts. Merck and Novartis are reportedly still trying to make a swap deal work though, with the latter's vaccine unit trading hands.

AC Immune begins first trial of a tau-targeting Alzheimer's vaccine

The Switzerland-based biotech has raised $22 million from German billionaire Dietmar Hopp and other backers to advance its Alzheimer's vaccine candidate, ACI-35, into clinical trials.

Pfizer trialing video game designed to diagnose Alzheimer's

The game attempts to assess whether someone has Alzheimer's by evaluating how well they respond to distractions and interruptions.

New York Genome Center taps U. of Buffalo for computing horsepower

In its short history, the New York Genome Center has bulked up quickly to compete with the established genomics powerhouses, advancing from pilot labs at The Rockefeller University to its own 16,000-square-meter site. Now, it is tapping the University of Buffalo for the computing might needed to handle Big Data storage and complex analytics.

Amgen spinoff Atara cranks its Series B up to $52M

California's Atara Biotherapeutics has heaped more cash onto its second funding round, giving the Amgen spinoff $52 million in Series B funds to support its programs in kidney disease and oncology.

U.S. first: Ocular Therapeutix nails FDA approval for eye incision sealant gel

Ocular Therapeutix won the FDA's backing for a gel designed to seal leaks in incisions made during cataract surgery, the first product of its kind to gain regulatory approval in the U.S for use in the eyes.

Pfizer asks Akili: Can a video game really diagnose Alzheimer's?

When it comes to Alzheimer's research, success stories are few and far between. Therapeutic programs center around vaccines and drugs, but Akili Interactive Labs wants to change all that: The Boston-based startup recently signed a deal with Pfizer to see if its mobile video game platform can help diagnose early signs of Alzheimer's.

Inspire Medical's sleep apnea implant scores for the majority in a study

Inspire Medical Systems is touting some encouraging results from a recent trial involving its implant to treat sleep apnea.

Quest seals 3 new Dx development deals

New Jersey's Quest Diagnostics has sealed three new deals focused on next-generation diagnostics devices that could eventually help improve its fortunes in an increasingly tough reimbursement climate.

PureTech's Tal Medical faces a clinical test of its rapid depression treatment

Patients have a number of treatment options for depression in both the device and drug realms, but they can take days or weeks to work. Boston's Tal Medical is developing something it claims can do the job far more quickly: a noninvasive neuromodulation treatment that appears to boost a patient's mood in about 20-30 minutes.