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Latest Headlines

MIT researchers deliver low doses of siRNA to lung endothelial cells

One of the chief drawbacks of RNA interference therapies so far has been the difficulty of delivering small interfering RNA to cells outside the liver. That's why a newly reported breakthrough in delivering siRNA to endothelial cells in the lung and other organs is a big deal.

Tonix's sublingual formulation for fibromyalgia reaches pivotal trial stage

Tonix Pharmaceuticals has completed enrollment in the 200-patient, placebo-controlled BESTFIT trial of sublingually delivered cyclobenzaprine for the treatment of fibromyalgia. 

AstraZeneca trumpets diabetes duo's victory in Phase III

While its top executives were prepping for a hearing on Pfizer's megamerger offer, AstraZeneca rolled out new data from a diabetes trial. The verdict? A combination of the company's two diabetes pills, Onglyza and Farxiga, bested either drug alone.

Debiopharm inks deal with Yale to access computer-aided drug discoveries

Through use of virtual high-throughput screening and other computer-aided drug discovery methods, researchers at Yale University have investigated drugs to treat HIV, cancer and other diseases. Now, the group has teamed up with Swiss biopharma Debiopharm to discover and develop inhibitors for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

New immunotherapy uses patient's cells to attack tumors

Scientists have long been searching for a way to harness patients' immune systems to attack their own cancer, and researchers may have figured out just the way to do it.

Pfizer cozies up to U.K. scientists amid transatlantic scrutiny

Amid concerns that its planned buyout of AstraZeneca would deal a blow to U.K. R&D, Pfizer has teamed up with a host of British universities to collaborate on rare-disease drugs.

St. Jude's a-fib tech aces trial as FDA awaits

St. Jude Medical's much-vaunted TactiCath device came through in a sizable U.S. trial, the company said, setting the stage for a final FDA decision and a chance at a bigger share of the electrophysiology market.

Roche and Exelixis tout PhI cancer combo with late-stage data on the way

South San Francisco biotech Exelixis and partner Roche say their in-development combo treatment for melanoma extended survival in an early-stage trial, setting the stage for Phase III results that could make or break the treatment's future.

Icon begins pivotal late-stage trial of sustained-release postsurgery cataract treatment

Icon Biosciences has advanced its sustained-release therapy for inflammation after cataract surgery to a pivotal late-stage study. With one injection postsurgery, Icon's platform releases anti-inflammatory drugs that currently require multiple topical applications daily.

Direct injection of drugs to back of eye shows potential

Clearside Biomedical presented human and animal study data showing the benefits of directly injecting medication into the eye's posterior suprachoroidal space at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2014 annual meeting in Orlando, FL.