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Latest Headlines

Report: Women have fewer procedures after heart attack than men

Amid a growing body of research on heart health devices and blood pressure monitoring, a new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield shows that women undergo fewer diagnostic procedures and treatments following a heart attack than men.

Precision NanoSystems raises $13.4M Series A for diagnostic, therapeutic nanotech platform

How will Google Life Sciences create its highly anticipated nanotech diagnostic hordes? Precision NanoSystems might know. It's nabbed a $13.4 million Series A round to back its NanoAssemblr platform that can be used to create next-gen nanoparticle therapeutic and diagnostic agents targeted to the cellular level.

JAMA: Computer-aided detection does not help spot breast cancer

As medical experts question the efficacy of mammograms in breast cancer screening, a new study shows that computer-aided detection technology used during the process does not help spot cancer in patients.

Citing cost, top doctors back limits on PCSK9 cholesterol fighters

Payers unhappy with the cost of new PCSK9 drugs are getting some ammo, as top U.S. physicians are recommending against using the drugs in a large patient pool.

Boston Scientific launches endoscopic surgical tool, as it backs The Innovation Lab

Boston Scientific is launching an upper GI endoscopic surgical tool just as it has committed to become a founding sponsor of California healthcare incubator The Innovation Lab. The device is the Captivator for endoscopic mucosal resection, a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical procedure that removes part of the esophagus in upper gastrointestinal tract cases. The tool enables the staging and removal of precancerous tissue or early esophageal cancer.

With promising RSV data in hand, Novavax wins $89M Gates grant for PhIII

Immunizing pregnant women with an RSV vaccine charged up levels of antibodies that should be able to protect infants during the first few months of their lives, Novavax reported Tuesday morning, adding that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation followed up with an $89 million grant to fund a pivotal study.

Lilly, Incyte score another PhIII success for baricitinib, as market doubts linger

Eli Lilly and Incyte are now three for three Phase III studies for baricitinib, an oral JAK inhibitor for rheumatoid arthritis that is on track for a marketing application and a real-world test of its lofty blockbuster reputation with analysts--while one already established rival from Pfizer lags well behind expectations.

Intersect ENT aims for physician office with trio of study results for steroid-releasing sinus implants

Recent med tech IPO candidate Intersect ENT has reported the results of three studies for its chronic sinusitis implants at the American Rhinologic Society meeting in Dallas, TX. The company designed all three studies for physician office use--which is expected to broaden the potential market for these kinds of procedures.

Sorrento launches another joint venture with a $170M cancer deal

Sorrento Therapeutics, among the constellation of companies associated with billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, is again widening its R&D mission with a joint venture, teaming up with a California cancer center on some novel antibody technology.

Fierce's coverage of the Martin Shkreli saga

Martin Shkreli's controversial Turing Pharmaceuticals made global headlines this week after the startup chose to jack up the price of a decades-old drug to boost revenue, and the company's unapologetic CEO took on all critics in media traditional and new. Here's a timeline of how it all went down.