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Latest Headlines

Mexican scientists roll out toilet-based glucose monitoring device

As researchers explore innovative tools for diabetes monitoring, scientists in Mexico are developing a smartphone-based device that can measure glucose in the blood by analyzing urine in the toilet.

GE Healthcare partners with an Oregon university for cardiovascular research

GE Healthcare will work with Oregon Health & Science University to develop collaborative research programs in cardiovascular medicine, imaging and big data research. They expect to address essential questions about biology and medicine through the combination of the clinical expertise of OHSU and the technological facility of GE Healthcare.

Merck's massive cardio study keeps rolling as fallen rivals pile up

Merck, the last Big Pharma standing in CETP inhibition, is pressing forward with a huge cardiovascular trial after getting the green light from its independent advisers, stepping over the scattered failures of similar projects in hopes of hitting upon a blockbuster.

Medical marijuana startup develops Keurig-like vaporizer device

Companies are developing innovative devices for medical marijuana, rolling out everything from palm-sized inhalers to metered products that deliver drugs through the inner cheek. Massachusetts startup CannaKorp is taking a different approach, creating a Keurig-like medical marijuana vaporizer device to compete for its share in a growing market.

Soon-Shiong's NantKwest is spending more on stock buybacks than R&D

NantKwest, an oncology biotech in Patrick Soon-Shiong's constellation of companies, made headlines over the summer when it pulled off a $200 million IPO that valued it at more than $2.5 billion. But the company's share value has slipped by nearly a third in the ensuing months, and instead of pouring money into developing its self-described breakthrough medicines, management has taken the uncommon tack of laying out $50 million to buy back stock.

What represents success to 23andMe's Wojcicki? Developing a cure for a major disease

Having guided 23andMe through a tricky period, Anne Wojcicki is now plotting what it will take to turn the company into a real success story. And while some CEOs would be happy with a big-ticket buyout, Wojcicki has a larger ambition for 23andMe: developing a cure for a disease.

Auven Therapeutics pits rival PhIII dry eye drug against Allergan, Shire

Auven Therapeutics has staked a late-stage claim on a share of the dry eye market, posting some mixed Phase IIb/III data that included hitting a statistically significant improvement on a key measure of the increasingly common ailment.

Biogen's risky Alzheimer's odyssey raises prospects for new biotech deals

Biogen CEO George Scangos and his team are focused on two home run swings in an R&D game that will take years to play out. And that has analysts betting Biogen will start doing some late-stage biotech deals or face continued speculation that the big biotech will become a target itself.

The FDA eases up on Forum's schizophrenia program with Alzheimer's trials still on hold

Forum Pharmaceuticals has gotten out from under an FDA clinical hold on a Phase III schizophrenia study for its lead drug, but the company's efforts to develop the treatment for Alzheimer's disease remain halted.

Boehringer slashes its R&D budget with a new focus on collaboration

German drugmaker Boehringer Ingelheim is planning to dial down its R&D spend over the next 5 years, turning to a growing stable of external collaborators to feed its pipeline of new therapeutics.