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Latest Headlines

Fresh off a $76M raise, aTyr pilots an $86M IPO

San Diego-based aTyr Pharma wasn't just flirting with an IPO when it announced a big $76 million round a few days ago. It had its S-1 all ready to go.

Plotting a course for True North, biotech CEO steps up with a $35M round

Nancy Stagliano has a very clear idea of how to plot a course for True North. Eighteen months ago the biotech CEO raised $30 million for iPierian and split its assets with the newborn True North Therapeutics. Seven months later Bristol-Myers Squibb snapped up a reorganized iPierian in a $725 million deal. Then in swift succession Stagliano raised new funds, beefed up her staff with a key hire and is now banking $35 million in a fresh venture round that will take True North into the clinic with its lead therapy for rare diseases while positioning its follow-up program for human studies.

Merck wagers $434M on Arvinas and its protein-disposal system

Merck has partnered up with fast-moving upstart Arvinas to get its hands on technology that promises to give drug developers a crack at some previously untouchable targets, using the body's natural garbage system to dump troublesome proteins.

High-flying immuno-oncology player Adaptimmune pitches $150M IPO

Adaptimmune Therapeutics has become one of the brightest hopes in the U.K. biotech scene, scoring a $350 million collaboration pact with GlaxoSmithKline and a whopping $104 million venture round. Now Adaptimmune--a 2014 Fierce 15 company--will see if it can keep the hot streak rolling with a $150 million IPO pitch.

Flexus founders regroup after $1.25B Bristol-Myers deal

Flexus Biosciences turned heads around the industry when Bristol-Myers Squibb signed a $1.25 billion deal to buy the fledgling biotech in February, but the company's founders aren't resting on their laurels, turning around with immediate plans for a new startup.

Amgen CEO Bradway collects a $14M pay package on record-breaking revenue

In a year when several of his peers won big payoffs for one extraordinary reason or another, Amgen CEO Robert Bradway earned just about as much as he had the previous year, give or take a few hundred thousand. Small comfort--though some comfort, perhaps--to the thousands of employees facing job cuts as Amgen prepares for biosimilar competition to its top-selling meds.

MorphoSys: That Celgene-abandoned cancer drug isn't dead yet

Germany's MorphoSys is moving on after the surprise cancelation of a Celgene partnership spooked investors and battered the company's share price, with CEO Simon Moroney preaching patience for an early-stage cancer candidate.

Juno and Novartis settle CAR-T patent fight with little fanfare

Novartis and Juno Therapeutics, pioneers in a promising new field of cancer treatment, have reached a settlement in their long-running patent dispute, clearing the way for each to advance rival therapies designed to weaponize the immune system.

Potency-prediction software helps Schrödinger land $120M Sanofi deal

Schrödinger has racked up another tech-validating deal. Having seen the biotech it helped to found rake in $43 million from Pfizer and others last month, the computational drug design veteran has now struck a $120 million discovery deal with Sanofi.

Homeland Security names program manager for new NBAF facility in Kansas

The Department of Homeland Security has named Marty Vanier of Kansas State University as the senior program manager for strategic partnership and development for the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) expected to by completed by 2018.