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Latest Headlines

AbbVie vies for the hep C spotlight on the eve of its Gilead battle

AbbVie is heralding positive new data on its hepatitis C cocktail, touting the treatment's benefit in some tough-to-treat patients as it prepares for a head-to-head competition with market leader Gilead Sciences.

Merck's head-to-head Vytorin trial might be surprisingly flattering

Merck & Co. just disclosed some welcome news for its own investors--and potentially for competitors, too. Not to mention all the market watchers ready for the long IMPROVE-IT trial saga to come to an end.

Device that performs hundreds of tests with a single drop of blood wins Nokia Sensing Xchallenge

The DNA Medicine Institute, developer of a diagnostic device that can perform hundreds of clinical lab tests with a single drop of blood, won the Nokia Sensing Xchallenge for promising medical sensing technologies.

Microsoft 3-D audio system helps the visually impaired navigate more easily

Microsoft engineers have developed a 3-D audio system that can help the visually impaired move about on city streets and within their homes with greater ease using Bluetooth technology.

Open-source atlas of the human proteome goes live

In 2003, a team of scientists and IT engineers set out to create a map of which proteins are found in each part of the body. Now, after committing more than 1,000 man years to the project, the team has released the Human Protein Atlas, an interactive map of the proteome containing 13 million annotated images.

Scientists developing machine-based algorithm for heart failure and emphysema Dx

As the med tech industry casts its eye toward quick, point-of-care diagnostics, scientists at MIT are teaming up with physicians from Harvard Medical School to create new technology that could help distinguish between acute emphysema and heart failure by measuring an individual's breath.

Industry and scientists developing new devices to treat Ebola

Amid efforts to quell the growing Ebola epidemic, scientists, companies and health officials are teaming up to develop innovative medical devices to treat the deadly disease.

UPDATED: Investigational balloon catheter shows promise in treating peripheral artery disease

Fremont, CA's Shockwave Medical released clinical trial data at the Vascular Interventional Advances Annual Conference in Las Vegas that it says demonstrate the effectiveness of its investigational Lithoplasty balloon catheters at treating peripheral artery disease.

'Ambulance drone' for delivering defibrillation could someday save lives

Drones are used to kill bad guys in war zones, but graduate student Alex Momont wants to use them to save lives. He has developed a prototype drone capable of flying to the rescue of heart attack victims by delivering a defibrillator to the site much faster than an ambulance.

Spark snags a 'breakthrough' tag for its Phase III gene therapy

Gene therapy startup Spark Therapeutics has picked up the FDA's coveted breakthrough-therapy designation for its lead candidate, a one-time treatment that promises a permanent solution some rare eye diseases.