Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

J&J bets up to $277M on a prospect from its R&D farm system

Johnson & Johnson's plan to grow its pipeline with deal-scouting outposts around the globe is beginning to pay off, as the drugmaker's London lookout has brought in what could be a promising approach to rheumatoid arthritis.

Harvard researchers using 3-D printing to create customized airway stents

As 3-D printing gains traction within the industry, Harvard University Medical School researchers are using the technology to develop customized airway stents for patients with breathing problems.

Top research institutions hand hot gene-editing tech--with a catch--to Editas

As a startup, Editas Medicine quickly enjoyed the spotlight as a pioneer in the field of gene editing. Its founding VCs attracted a high-profile biotech CEO--Katrine Bosley--last summer, and now it also has the IP it needs from a group of leading research institutions in the forefront of developing CRISPR-Cas9 and TALENs technology.

Monocl Software bags grant for KOL assessment platform

Monocl Software has taken a step toward its goal of introducing an analytic platform for finding and assessing life science experts in 2015. The Swedish innovation agency Vinnova has helped Monocl toward its target by awarding it funding under its digital health program.

Texas' $3B cancer agency makes computational biology a priority

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas has responded to scandals that put it out of action for a year with a report detailing how it plans to use its $3 billion war chest. In the report, CPRIT lists computational biology as one of 7 proposed priorities for its $300-million-a-year funding program.

Novartis cans a researcher whose cooked data led to a slew of retractions

Novartis has washed its hands of a researcher who admitted to falsifying results in a series of published papers, promising to dig into his work at the company to determine whether the pattern continued in its own labs.

'Hybrid' delivery vehicle gives DNA vaccines new potential

Researchers have developed a delivery vehicle that could help push DNA vaccines--those based on a small part of a microbe's genes--into a more prominent position and possibly into the market down the road.

Researchers develop 'Wi-Fi'-triggered dissolvable, implantable device for drug delivery

Researchers at Tufts University have come up with a resorbable electronic implant that when used in mice was able to be triggered remotely by wireless signal and deliver heat to infected tissue.

IDEXX aids in discovery of new biomarker to spot early kidney disease in cats

IDEXX Laboratories and Hill's Pet Nutrition teamed up with researchers at Oregon State University to develop a new biomarker, called SDMA. The scientist showed that the biomarker could spot kidney disease an average of 17 months earlier than currently used approaches--and in one case, a full four years earlier.

Five Prime hitches onto Bristol-Myers' blockbuster-in-waiting immunotherapy

Bristol-Myers Squibb has signed a deal with Five Prime Therapeutics to determine whether a combination of its star immuno-oncology contender and the biotech's antibody can make a difference in a range of cancers.