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Latest Headlines

X-ray-triggered liposomes deliver precisely controlled cancer treatment

Combining chemotherapy and radiotherapy would be ideal for cancer treatment, but administering both at the same time can lead to unacceptable and often deadly levels of toxicity. Now researchers have developed liposomes that contain a chemotherapy drug activated by radiotherapy, offering both cancer-killing power and a targeted approach in a more controlled manner.

UPDATED: Bioresorbable stent developer Amaranth Medical initiates new clinical trial

Stent developer Amaranth Medical is launching the MEND-II clinical trial to test its Fortitude Sirolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Scaffold, a sign that companies large and small are keenly the new treatment paradigm for coronary artery disease involving stents that disintegrate within the body after a couple of years.

Harvard researchers develop dialysis device to fight Ebola

Amid mounting industry pressure to unveil a therapy to counter the deadly Ebola outbreak, researchers are developing an innovative dialysis device that fights the disease by filtering blood.

Biotech R&D is changing. Don't get left behind

Over the last few years we've seen some big changes in the way some drugs are developed. What better time to host a new FierceBiotech executive panel discussion on current trends in late-stage development?

Quintiles homes in on small biotechs with new service offering

Quintiles, the world's largest CRO, is dialing up its focus on nascent drugmakers, launching a biotech-focused service offering designed to meet the particular needs of the industry's seedlings without losing them in the Big Pharma shuffle.

Evotec signs a Huntington's deal as diabetes project falls through

Risk-sharing researcher Evotec took a blow last week when partner Hyperion Therapeutics pulled the plug on a diabetes trial, but the German company is keeping things moving, expanding an agreement that will put it to work on treatments for Huntington's disease.

SRI teams up with Japan's Nobelpharma on gynecology drug

Nonprofit researcher SRI International has struck a deal with Japanese drugmaker Nobelpharma to collaborate on a new treatment for the painful gynecological disease endometriosis.

Alivira snaps up 60% stake in Turkey's Provet Veterinary Products

Alivira Animal Health, a joint venture between Shasun Pharmaceuticals and SeQuent Scientific, has grabbed a 60% stake in Turkey's Provet Veterinary Products.

Icon teams with Medidata to access PRO-powering tech

Medidata is providing the underlying technology, while Icon is contributing its pre-validated surveys.

Lilly says with new data, it will seek another approval for Cyramza next year

Eli Lilly has harbored big hopes for its newly approved cancer fighter Cyramza. It expects it to get a string approvals, and with new data in hand, it said it will go to the FDA with an application for colon cancer in the first half of next year.