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Latest Headlines

Takeda puts screws on Orexigen for $200M do-over after 'compromised' heart trial

Turns out the FDA isn't the only one that's been ticked off with Orexigen since it released some early positive cardio data for obesity drug, Contrave, last March. Marketing partner Takeda is on that list, too--and earlier this week, the Japanese drugmaker went so far as to threaten to nix the pair's pact.

Theorem expands in Europe with new supplies facility

U.S. CRO Theorem Clinical Research is investing in its overseas infrastructure, setting up a new clinical supplies facility in Germany to speed up trials on the continent.

EU's investment bank continues move into R&D financing with €50M Bavarian Nordic loan

Bavarian Nordic is the latest company to benefit from the European Investment Bank's newfound willingness to finance drug development, snagging access to up to €50 million ($56 million) in loans for its Ebola and immunotherapy programs.

QPS cuts the ribbon on a new lab for early-stage R&D

Global CRO QPS Holdings opened a new lab devoted to in vitro research, setting up shop in Fargo, ND, with eyes on early-stage partnerships.

NIH-backed West Nile candidate enters PhI trials at Duke

Despite years of efforts from academia and the industry, including Merck, no FDA-approved West Nile virus vaccine exists. Scientists from Oregon Health & Science University are looking to change that.

Soon-Shiong raises another $100M for his cancer-focused biotech

Billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has raised $100 million for one of the many offshoots of his NantWorks conglomerate, working to duplicate the success of the targeted cancer drug that helped build his empire.

South Korean team developing a 'smart' stent

A South Korean team is making progress on the fourth-generation stent.

Researchers turn to bacteria secretion systems to deliver proteins

Many delivery platforms are based in part on organisms existing in nature, such as bacteria or viruses, and now researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have turned to the common Escherichia coli bacterium and instilled it with a natural ability to transport proteins.

NewLink shares plunge as cancer vaccine passes another interim analysis

NewLink Genetics rattled investors after the markets closed on Monday, saying it will need to cruise past its second planned interim analysis for a late-stage cancer vaccine without any change to the trial. No news is bad news as far as the market is concerned.

Google signs on Harvard doc to lead bioinformatics study

Google's Baseline study is getting a boost, with a Harvard cardiologist moving over to lead the initiative almost a year after the company revealed its plans to aggregate molecular and genetic data to jump-start medical research.