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Latest Headlines

Surging Alexion plots a $500M splash in Ireland

Rare disease biotech Alexion is blueprinting a major expansion in Ireland, planning to spend €450 million ($500 million) and hire 200 workers over four years as it forecasts a bright future for its business model.

Hype or hope? GlaxoSmithKline bankrolls a tiny startup in search of an HIV cure

A struggling GlaxoSmithKline has set up an economy-sized research spinout with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that's short on cash and long--very, very long--on its promise to hunt for a cure for HIV.

Actavis keeps its Phase III promise with Molecular Partners' eye drug

Actavis is rolling toward a Phase III trial with an eye treatment licensed from Switzerland's Molecular Partners, following through on a promise made in the lead-up to its $66 billion acquisition of Allergan.

Pfizer, 23andMe start building 5,000-person lupus database

Pfizer and 23andMe have begun enrolling people in their lupus study. The partners aim to recruit 5,000 people into the study of the genetics of lupus over the next 12 months, in part by asking existing 23andMe customers to participate.

IBM teams with Epic, cancer centers as healthcare push continues

IBM has continued its push into healthcare and research by striking deals with electronic health record software provider Epic, Mayo Clinic and 14 cancer institutes.

Concordia running trials to expand use of its laser-activated cancer-fighting drug

Canada's Concordia Healthcare is initiating a Phase II study to expand the use of its Photofrin combination therapy to include adults with high-grade gliomas, a class of brain and spinal cord tumors, as it continues to aggressively expand the indication of the product to include more forms of cancer.

Buzz: Apple plans to add 23andMe-style spit kits to ResearchKit studies

Apple has designs on the DNA sequencing sector. The tech giant is reportedly working with researchers to make 23andMe-style DNA sequencing spit kits part of ResearchKit, the platform that turned every iPhone user into a potential study participant.

Atlas' new immuno-oncology biotech recruits an AstraZeneca vet to take the reins

Surface Oncology, an immunotherapy-focused startup from Atlas Venture, has poached AstraZeneca's former chief cancer strategist to serve as its CEO, beating a path toward clinical development.

Themis rounds up new cash for Chikungunya jab's PhII

After the first closing of a Series B round Wednesday, Themis Bioscience will have an infusion of €7 million ($7.9 million) to work with as it ushers its Chikungunya fever vaccine into Phase II and welcomes a new chairman and two new board members.

Spyryx Biosciences raises $18M with a novel take on cystic fibrosis

Vertex Pharmaceuticals has made a major difference--and a lot of money--in cystic fibrosis with its targeted treatments, drugs tailored for patients with particular genetic defects. But upstart Spyryx Biosciences believes it may have discovered a way to treat all forms of CF with a single therapy, and the company raised $18 million in Series A cash to advance the idea.