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Latest Headlines

23andMe broadens R&D; footprint with new genetic service through Apple's ResearchKit

23andMe is rolling out a product that runs through Apple's ResearchKit to collect genetic information from study participants. The move plays into the company's broader focus on research, as 23andMe looks to R&D; to recover from a fallout with the FDA over direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

'Backpacks' on white blood cells could deliver cancer drugs in a targeted fashion

Researchers at MIT have discovered a new way to deliver targeted drugs to a specific target. By attaching a polymer drug-loaded target to a white blood cell, they can hitch a ride to sites in the body where drugs are needed and release the payload there.

UPDATED: Evotec evolves as it announces first-ever spinoff and new business model

German firm Evotec has spun off its first drug unit as it looks to start a new era in its business strategy.

UPDATED: San Diego's Acutus grabs $75M to get 3-D, real-time surgical cardiac imaging past regulators

Acutus Medical has raised a $75 million Series C round to get its 3-D, real-time cardiac surgical imaging system through regulators in U.S. and Europe. It also expects to develop a suite of products specifically for catheter-based procedures. The San Diego-based startup has already got at least a couple of strategic investors--GE Ventures, who is an existing investor, and a mystery undisclosed strategic investor who joined with this latest financing.

Global CRO market expected to rocket to $59B by 2020

Analysts at Zion Research say the worldwide CRO market will nearly double from 2014 to the end of the decade given the rise of new deals and the need for biopharma firms to take greater risks in their R&D.;

Endeavour Vision closes $275M dedicated med tech, digital health fund

European venture firm Endeavour Vision is switching gears--dedicating itself specifically to med tech and digital health rather than its previous focus on life sciences and IT. Its LPs have bought into the vision in a spectacular way--the firm has raised €250 million ($275 million) in its latest fund--that hit the hard cap and well exceeding the €150 million initial target.

Duchenne docs--aka Sarepta investigators, advisers and advocates--back controversial case for eteplirsen

Sarepta enjoyed a rare spike in its share price today after several dozen experts in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, including a host of site investigators and advisers working on the drug, circulated a detailed letter explaining why the FDA should support the company's application for eteplirsen--despite a withering internal assessment from agency insiders.

Halozyme initiates Phase III trial of its internal pancreatic cancer candidate

Halozyme has numerous collaborations with biopharma bigwigs centered on its Enhanze drug delivery platform for moving from infusion-based to subcutaneous injectable-based formulations. Now the company is focusing on deploying the delivery technology to its internal pipeline.

DARPA to back research on peripheral nerve stimulation to boost brain plasticity, learning

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) would like to help create an external device that can be used for targeted neuroplasticity training (TNT).

Gilead using iRhythm patch in late stage trial for novel hypertrophic cardiomyopathy candidate

Biopharmas are interested in incorporating wearables that offer continuous patient monitoring into clinical trials of their drug candidates. But it's still early in terms of understanding of how these sorts of data can be used--and what regulators will make of them.