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Latest Headlines

GSK supercharges R&D; for miniaturized bioelectronic nerve implant for chronic disease

Already a growing presence in bioelectronics, GlaxoSmithKline is taking its efforts to the next level with plans to roll out implantable devices that send electric pulses to treat certain chronic diseases.

Google backs Cambridge epigenetics spinoff in a $21M round

Cambridge Epigenetix raised $21 million in Series B funding with Google's funding arm GV stumping up much of the cash--and announced a raft of changes at the top of its company.

Ambry starts genetic data dump with release of 10,000 exome cancer repository

Ambry Genetics wants to make its trove of genome data freely available. The initiative got underway this week with the release of exome data from 10,000 of its customers that have had cancer of the breast or ovaries, a resource Ambry claims is the largest disease-specific, publicly available genome repository.

PatientsLikeMe taps AstraZeneca, Roche for cash to fuse outcomes, clinical and molecular data

AstraZeneca and Roche's Genentech have agreed to bankroll a study of lung cancer patients that will analyze PatientsLikeMe's patient-reported outcomes alongside traditional forms of data. The project is designed to assess the value of giving researchers a broader overview of factors that can affect health outcomes.

Harvard team develops blood-brain-barrier-on-a-chip to study drug delivery

A Harvard University team touted its blood-brain-barrier-on-a-chip, demonstrating the drug delivery applications of the emerging technique to test molecular candidates in vitro by creating miniaturized models of human anatomy.

Apple plots smartphone-based medical device application for Apple Watch

Apple has big plans for its Apple Watch, and one of them involves turning the product into a consumer-facing medical device.

Sanofi and Regeneron's would-be blockbuster tops Humira in arthritis

Sanofi and Regeneron, awaiting FDA approval for a potential blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis treatment, burnished the drug's profile with Phase III data showing it beat AbbVie's top-selling Humira head to head.

GlaxoSmithKline dumps Five Prime's cancer drug in the midst of Phase I

GlaxoSmithKline is cutting ties with Five Prime Therapeutics' in-development cancer therapy, backing out in the middle of a mesothelioma trial.

Valencell raises $11M to expand tech licensing for biometric wearables, hearables

Biometric sensor company Valencell has raised an $11 million Series D financing. It's slated to help the Raleigh, NC-based startup continue to expand its sales of biometric sensors for integration in wearable and hearable devices. This brings its total funds raised up to $24.5 million.

Abbott to launch 1,000+ patient trial to standardize traumatic brain injury testing

Abbott will launch a major study of several brain injury evaluation approaches along with researchers at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN, and the University of Minnesota. The goal is to evaluate a number of different tools including eye tracking, blood-based biomarkers, imaging and cognitive measures to develop a standard protocol for identifying brain injuries--including concussions.