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Latest Headlines

Bayer eyes challenge to oral MS meds with new Betaseron injector

How do you keep a 22-year-old injectable multiple sclerosis therapy competitive in the face of threats from high-flying oral contenders? Bayer has an idea. The company recently won FDA approval for Betaconnect, an automatic injector it thinks can help keep its standby treatment, Betaseron, in the game.

Esperion tanks after inviting Wall Street to parse its regulatory future

Esperion Therapeutics is developing a cholesterol-lowering pill that management believes could play spoiler to this year's high-profile, blockbuster-in-waiting new injections. But key to the bull case for Esperion is whether the FDA will require the company to run a long, costly safety study before approving its cardio drug. And, parsing a vague update on the drug's future, Wall Street is turning bearish.

Pfizer CEO sees no real future for Clinton's drug-pricing proposals

Pfizer CEO Ian Read isn't too worried about proposals to crack down on U.S. drug pricing. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's slate of new measures--which include negotiating power for Medicare--aren't likely to pass muster in Congress, Read told Evercore ISI analyst Mark Schoenebaum. 

AbbVie wins Viekirax nod in Japan as expected with competition seen tight

As signaled in the second-quarter earnings call, AbbVie's received approval in Japan for Viekirax, the oral interferon- and ribavirin-free combination therapy for hepatitis C, establishing an important beachhead for the company in Asia's top reimbursement market.

Bill Gates exhorts China healthcare innovators to do good, and well

China Daily  posted an interview with Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who lauded the country's efforts to build on reforms that have transformed access to healthcare services in the world's most populous country.

Merck bags Japanese approval for a weekly diabetes drug

Merck, building on the success of its diabetes blockbuster Januvia, won a first global approval for a long-acting form of the drug, convincing Japanese regulators to approve its new weekly product.

NEJM: FDA's proposed risk-disclosure guidelines still aren't enough

As the FDA again reviews its guidance on disclosing prescription drug risk information, two New England Journal of Medicine articles are suspicious that new guidelines would change much for patients.

Not so fast, Hillary. Ad industry will fight with pharma against DTC tax moves

Hillary Clinton's plan to take away drugmakers' advertising tax deductions gets a resounding "no" from ad industry trade groups. While the ad executives aren't taking a stance on the rest of Clinton's drug-pricing plan, the advertising proposal gets a thumbs down.

Pathway Genomics comes under FDA fire for liquid biopsy marketing

The FDA is cracking down on Pathway Genomics for improperly marketing its liquid biopsy test, a couple of weeks after the company rolled out its product directly to consumers for the early detection of cancer.

Apotex recalls cevimeline hydrochloride drugs made in India as FDA notes stability issues

Within weeks of getting a conditional nod to resume shipments from two of the company's manufacturing units in India, Canada's largest generics maker has recalled 117,644 bottles of cevimeline hydrochloride capsules in the U.S. that were made by the company's Indian arm, Apotex Research, the Business Standard newspaper reports.