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Latest Headlines

Baxter recalls more of its saline solutions after a bug was found

More woes for the U.S. supply of saline solution as Baxter International announced another voluntary recall of its products. This time, two lots of intravenous solutions have been recalled due to the presence of particulate matter after a customer complained of an insect found in the product, the FDA said.

South African health activists protest Sanofi over lack of BCG vaccine

Sanofi continues to come under pressure from health groups who say the drugmaker has ceased manufacturing BCG and created a global shortage of the vaccine used to treat tuberculosis and bladder cancer.

New York man convicted of selling counterfeit and illegal drugs in U.S.

William Scully, one of two owners of Medical Device King based in New York, was convicted on charges that he sold more than $17 million worth of fake or unapproved drugs that were manufactured overseas.

Shortages, shifts in sterile injectable market lead some prices to soar

Last month, four U.S. senators asked the FTC to investigate "possible illegal collusion" by saline solution manufacturers to determine whether they had been unfairly cashing in on a two-year shortage. But saline is only one of hundreds of hospital generic injectable drugs whose prices have soared in the last 8 years, And given the current state of affairs in the business, it is a situation unlikely to change.

Perrigo to consolidate supply chain operations as part of downsizing

Perrigo, in an effort to hive off $175 million a year in costs, is laying off 6% of its workforce, among other steps.

Feds get guilty pleas from suppliers in massive drug diversion operation

The FDA and the Department of Justice have taken down a couple more of the 33 players indicted in a massive drug diversion scam that undermined the U.S. pharma supply chain.

Myanmar offers incentives to lure its drug distributors into production

Myanmar has only a few companies making drugs for the country, leaving it to import more than 80% of its meds. Now the government is offering incentives to private distributors to coax them to move into production.

Hospira recalls more lidocaine with rust embedded in vials

Hospira recalled a single lot of the pain suppressor lidocaine last spring, saying particles of iron oxide had been spotted in some vials. The drugmaker has added another 100,200 vials to its recall for the same reason.

Baxter recalls more saline, this time for potential mold contamination

The U.S. supply of saline is taking another hit as Baxter recalls yet more sodium chloride: nearly 140,000 bags more. This time the recall is because of the possibility that some of those bags have mold in them.

Jaguar inks deal with Glenmark to produce animal diarrhea drugs

Jaguar Animal Health has inked a four-year deal with India's Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to manufacture and supply crofelemer for use in treating diarrhea in companion pets.