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Latest Headlines

FDA program would allow inspectors to focus on trouble spots

The FDA is seeking 100 volunteers for its Secure Supply Chain Pilot Program that would allow them an easier path for product deliveries if they agree to certain standards.

Recall expert takes services to Europe

Recalls are an unwanted expense for drugmakers, and if extensive enough, can be a drag on earnings. For Stericyle, which has a unit that helps companies manage recalls, they have been a moneymaker.

Endo investing $100M in Qualitest manufacturing

The company is investing substantially in plant expansions and manufacturing improvements over the next few years so it can produce more drugs more efficiently.

Manufacturers' policies put hurt on execution drug supplies

A developing situation in Texas, the death penalty leader in the U.S., illustrates how states are scrambling for supplies in the face of shortages of drugs used in lethal injections. 

Alexion adding 50 jobs in Ireland to grow global supply chain

Alexion expects the new staff in Ireland will begin supplying its only marketed medicine, Soliris, by the end of this year, and the expanding workforce there will also manage supply of additional drugs to patients as they are approved.

UPDATED: Bristol-Myers turns to Samsung for cancer drug

Samsung BioLogics has said that its manufacturing prowess will enable it to make biologic drugs more cheaply than about anyone else. Bristol-Myers Squibb intends to find out via a 10-year pact for making a yet-to-be-approved cancer drug.

FMC spends $345M for Epax omega-3 plants

U.S.-based FMC will pay about $345 million to buy two premium-grade omega-3 plants from Trygg Pharma.

Drug shortages in Ireland getting worse

An updated supply agreement last fall between drugmakers and health officials in Ireland was expected to help keep drugs on shelves, but pharmacies in Ireland report shortages have only gotten worse in the last 12 months.

Gates-backed device extends cold chain to rural areas

Intellectual Ventures is testing a device that can keep vaccines cool without power for 60 days, depending on outside temperature and humidity.

Key player in fake Avastin case gets house arrest

In April, the FDA said it had nailed one of the key players bringing counterfeit Avastin into the U.S. and wanted to make an example of him with federal jail time. But a judge in Montana has sentenced him to house arrest instead.