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Latest Headlines

GSK teams up with Vodafone on mobile supply chain management

GlaxoSmithKline has teamed up with Vodafone in Mozambique in a test of a new supply chain approach in difficult conditions. The alliance aims to boost vaccination rates up to 10% by using cellphones to improve communication.

Cargo theft law puts target on organized crime

Federal authorities have new tools to wield against pharmaceutical cargo theft and harsher penalties for those who get caught.

EMA wants manufacturers to offer up drug shortage 'risk analysis'

The European Medicines Agency is offering to be the go-to authority to coordinate action in the case of some drug or device shortages in Europe caused by manufacturing problems or disruptions.

Manufacturers return some drugs to market but shortages persist

There has been progress on the drug shortages front in the last few weeks with a couple of drugmakers saying manufacturing improvements have allowed them to again meet demand for two critical drugs. But as  The New York Times  points out, even with new drug shortages popping up at half the numbers of a year ago, there are still dozens of drugs in short supply.

Meningitis vaccine ruled safe for warm storage

The World Health Organization deemed an inexpensive meningitis vaccine safe out of cold storage for four days, meaning health workers can more easily transport the drug to remote parts of Africa where meningitis A is common.

Pilot shows national track and trace 'not insurmountable'

It looks like a national track and trace system is going to be implemented in the U.S. sooner rather than later. Differences between what industry believes it is capable of handling and what regulators believe it must kept it out of the FDA reauthorization bill, but no one should think that put it into the deep freeze.

Compounder recall may make drug shortages more severe

The FDA has asked compounding pharmacy Ameridose to recall all of it products after an inspection at the compounding pharmacy raised sterility questions. The agency concedes the move could exacerbate shortages of some drugs.

New Fabrazyme plant offered bright spot for dismal Sanofi earnings

The French drugmaker's decision to open a new Fabrazyme plant is responsible for one of the few bright spots on their Q3 earnings report.

Drugmakers smacked with another ingredient price hike

Some drugmakers will face higher costs as another drug ingredient maker raises prices on its products. Evonik, one of the larger players in amino acids, used in drugs for conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, says it has raised prices immediately 10% to 15% depending on the amino acid and its quality.

Congress resurrects track and trace bill

The idea of creating a national track and trace system for the pharmaceutical supply chain is apparently alive and kicking around Congress.