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Latest Headlines

Sanofi Pasteur reports more issues with vaccine quality

Sanofi Pasteur, which is in the midst of upgrading a Toronto vaccine plant after mold was found in sterile areas, is now recalling several batches of typhoid vaccine that may not meet potency standards. The company said the recall could lead to a shortage of the drug.

Mold found in Hospira dextrose solution

Hospira is recalling one lot of injectable dextrose after what appears to be mold was found in a leaky container, a problem that could contaminate the product and lead to a potentially deadly blood infection, the FDA says.

New Janssen distribution hub consolidates European supply chain

Janssen Pharmaceutica is making its European supply chain operations more efficient with a new distribution hub in Belgium that funnels production from a number of European plants into a single location.

Tanzania, like GlaxoSmithKline, learns delivery tricks from Coke

Big Pharma is learning a thing or two from Coca-Cola about remote delivery as it makes its way into developing countries with lots of promise and little infrastructure.

Wholesaler McKesson faces new price-manipulation suit

McKesson is again caught up in the price-manipulation litigation that has nailed a number of companies in the wholesale portion of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

API issue leads Lundbeck to stop making Elspar for ALL

Undermined by supply-chain issues, Danish drugmaker Lundbeck will discontinue supplying its leukemia drug Elspar beginning in December.

Gelatin prices look to rise steeply

In a new wrinkle in the global gelatin market, excipient maker Rousselot is raising prices for the fourth quarter and telling customers to be prepared for aggressive price hikes next year.

India says it will meet EU's API quality deadline

India says it will be prepared to meet the European Union's directive that beginning July 2, 2013, all foreign APIs be certified by an authority of the exporting nation that they meet the same GMPs that EU producers meet.

Maine, FDA at odds over Canadian Internet pharmacy

Even as efforts are made to buttress protections against counterfeit drugs, state officials in Maine, including the governor, are working to change the state's legislation so its public employee health programs can keep buying drugs from a Canadian Internet pharmacy.

Pfizer injects cloud computing into complex supply chain

Pfizer has treated the complications of its supply chain with doses of cloud computing, virtualization and other tools, enabling the drug giant to track shipments from a large network of internal and external sources with improved efficiency and accuracy, The Financial Times reports.