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Latest Headlines

Under regulatory cloud, CEO says Novartis must boost quality

It has been a tough year for Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez. In the course of 9 months, the company received a three-plant FDA warning letter, closed its key OTC plant and had to tell shareholders that revenues slid 4% because the manufacturing mess kept it from having its most popular consumer products.

Pfizer taps Mylan manufacturing muscle to hit Japanese generics

Mylan is putting its manufacturing muscle into an agreement with Pfizer ($PFE) so the two can jointly attack the Japanese generics business.

SC company guilty of wholesaling $55 million in stolen drugs

Federal authorities have caught up with a drug wholesaler who bought more than $55 million worth of stolen drugs, put them back into the legitimate supply chain, then falsified "drug pedigrees," to try and hide the scheme.

Thieves target pharmacies, not trucks, in Mexico

Pharmaceutical cargo theft has yet to become an issue in Mexico but that doesn't mean prescription drugs are not being stolen.

Hospira blames supplier's bad vials for latest recall

With its recall this week of four cancer drugs and other meds here and around the world, generic sterile injectables manufacturer Hospira ($HSP) made it four months in a row that it has had to warn the healthcare industry of new issues with its products. This time it pins the blame on a glass supplier.

Silk could eliminate 'cold chain' need

Self-standing silk protein biomaterial matrices could prove a way for temperature-sensitive vaccines to shirk the so-called "cold chain," a series of refrigerating tactics used to move a vaccine safely from production to patient.

Drug manufacturing suffers as Pakistan scandal heats up

Some of the players in Pakistan ephedrine scandal that has transfixed the country but wreaked havoc with legitimate drug manufacturing there, are turning on one another as the noose tightens in the case.

AEI suggests booting WHO drugmakers that don't meet the grade

Some companies making drugs for World Health Organization programs in Africa are manufacturing substandard products that can lead to resistance, two new studies find. To get a handle on the problem, the studies' author is recommending that the WHO institute a three strikes and you are out rule for companies that are churning out low-quality products.

Pernix grabs Great Southern to get more capacity

Pernix Therapeutics Holdings is buying a Houston CMO to get more manufacturing capacity for its own products.

Daiichi Sankyo opens first U.S. manufacturing plant

Daiichi Sankyo is taking control of another step in its supply chain in the U.S. by opening its first manufacturing and packaging plant in the country.