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Latest Headlines

Hospira recalls two dozen lots of saline solution

Hospira is recalling "certain lots of several products in its LifeCare line of flexible intravenous solutions due to the potential for leakage." But the description does not get to the depth and breadth of the recall, which is for 54 lots of nearly a dozen products. That includes two dozen lots of saline solution in the 1000-mL size, an essential hospital product that has been in short supply for months.

Indian drugmakers scramble to prevent shortages of HIV/AIDS meds

Some Indian companies that had put off production of HIV/AIDS meds while they waited for the government to sign contracts are now having to seriously ramp up because of shortages of some meds, Reuters reports.

Mapp, HHS scrambling to find ways to supercharge production of Ebola drug

With Ebola rampaging through West Africa and now having reached the U.S., U.S. officials and the maker of an experimental Ebola drug manufactured from cells grown in tobacco leaves, ZMapp, want to expand the drug's current production while also seeing if traditional mammalian-cell methods might be used to quickly scale up production of the drug.

Consort Medical strikes $374M deal to buy Aesica

Consort Medical has placed a big bet on the convergence of drug and device production services, striking a £230 million ($374 million) deal to buy European contract manufacturer Aesica Pharmaceuticals. 

UPDATED: Merck again shipping BCG cancer treatment but Sanofi still is not

When a shortage of BCG vaccine used to treat tuberculosis and bladder cancer developed two years ago because of serious problems at a Sanofi Pasteur plant, the FDA asked Merck to pick up the slack. But Merck has had supply issues that interrupted production that it is only now resolving.

GSK's Canada vaccine plant runs into new problems

New problems have developed at GlaxoSmithKline's vaccine plant in Canada, interrupting production and affecting supply. The bottom line for Canada is that it will shave 2 million doses of its FluLaval trivalent vaccine off what GSK can deliver for the upcoming flu season. The impact on the U.S. is still being evaluated.

Theratechnologies returns HIV product Egrifta to U.S.

Canada's Theratechnologies says it is again shipping its 1-mg dose of its Egrifta to U.S. wholesalers. Manufacturing problems had led it to halt production earlier this year of the human growth hormone which is used by some HIV patients.

Actavis production not meeting demand for new version of Alzheimer's drug

Actavis' plan to discontinue production of the original version of its Alzheimer's treatment Namenda and move patients to the extended-release version depended on patient and payer buy-in and being able to produce adequate supplies. The company has achieved the first two goals but has run into a shortage because production has been unable to keep up with demand.

UPDATED: GSK, NewLink ramp up production of Ebola drugs, even as they conduct trials

In an effort to contain the Ebola outbreak in Africa that has already killed more than 1,500 people, companies around the world, including GlaxoSmithKline, are fast-tracking treatments and vaccines to try to get ahead of the disease spread. And in an effort to do that, companies are manufacturing doses, even as they are testing drugs, so that they will have product ready to go ASAP.

Sanofi shipping new malaria treatment manufactured from 'semisynthetic artemisinin'

French drugmaker Sanofi has released its first batches of a malaria treatment made from semisynthetic artemisinin using a new manufacturing process that will allow it to make tons of the ingredient and so help stabilize its volatile global market.