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  • GSK submits world's first malaria vaccine for EMA approval

    It's taken 30 years, but GlaxoSmithKline's experimental malaria vaccine is finally ready for regulatory review. Looking to bring the world's first shot for the mosquito-borne disease to market, the pharma giant said Thursday that it has submitted its candidate for approval.

Kenya study reveals new malaria vaccine targets

Although GlaxoSmithKline has submitted its malaria vaccine to the European Medicines Agency for approval, the jab hasn't shown as much promise as hoped, underscoring the need for a better understanding of the malaria parasite and how it affects the human immune system.

PaxVax joins the marketed vaccines club with Crucell typhoid buy

PaxVax isn't just a vaccine developer anymore. The company is moving into the vaccines market with the pickup of a typhoid vaccine from Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Crucell, locking up $62 million in financing in the process.

Flu season should return Sanofi to double-digit vaccines growth, CEO says

Thanks to supply limitations in the U.S. that spurred a near-30% drop in adult booster vaccines, Sanofi reported Q2 vaccines sales down 0.4% overall. But its flu business posted big gains, ballooning 18.9% to €59 million ($78.9 million)--and CEO Chris Viehbacher says he expects that trend to continue.

Merck aims to boost HPV vaccination rates amid lagging numbers

Though Merck's Gardasil tops the company's best-selling vaccines list and has already achieved blockbuster sales, the drug giant has a long way to go if it wants to boost U.S. immunization rates against human papillomavirus.

Novartis reports high Bexsero uptake as it pushes ahead in open market

With Novartis and Pfizer racing for approval in a wide-open U.S. market, the Swiss pharma is taking the opportunity to expand its lead elsewhere, where its vaccine, Bexsero, has an expansive patient pool all to itself. And so far, it's going well, Novartis says.


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