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Alison Bryant began at FierceVaccines in 2012. She has covered local politics, growth and development and breaking news in Maryland and Vermont. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, The Burlington Free Press and The Gazette. In her free time, Bryant enjoys reading, creative writing and yoga. She's based in Washington, D.C. and can be reached at Follow @AlisonBFierce on Twitter.

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HIV-positive patients approved for smallpox vax in an emergency

The U.S. government will now allow individuals with HIV to receive an attenuated smallpox vaccine during an emergency, according to a release.

University of Birmingham explores attitudes toward polio vax in India

The U.K.'s University of Birmingham will join forces with India's Ravenshaw University in Orissa to launch a study about attitudes toward polio vaccination campaigns in India.

MedImmune to cut 200 jobs, layoffs hit vax R&D

MedImmune will ax 200 employees and close its California-based Mountain View and Santa Clara sites in a consolidation of its infectious disease and vaccines research, development and operations.

Silk could eliminate 'cold chain' need

Self-standing silk protein biomaterial matrices could prove a way for temperature-sensitive vaccines to shirk the so-called "cold chain," a series of refrigerating tactics used to move a vaccine safely from production to patient.

Novavax teams up to fight malaria

Novavax, CPL Biologicals and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology will team up to develop a malaria vaccine in India.

Duke and Scripps grab $31M for HIV/AIDS vax research

North Carolina's Duke University and California's Scripps Research Institute received a combined $31 million in first-year funding to direct the new Centers for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology & Immunogen Discovery.

Australia backs plan to give HPV vax Gardasil to boys

For the first time, boys in Australia will receive the Gardasil vaccine, a series of shots typically given to high school-aged girls to prevent HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer in women.

Norway's Bionor snags $1.7 million for HIV vaccine research

Norway's Bionor Pharma landed $1.7 million from the Research Council of Norway's Globvac program to learn more about what role a vaccine can play in eliminating HIV.

PsiOxus lands $34M for cancer vax research

PsiOxus Therapeutics amassed $34 million for its Series B. The round will allow the London-based company to move forward with clinical development of a systemically available oncolytic vaccine for the treatment of colorectal and other forms of cancer, ColoAd1, through a series of Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, according to a release.


Rotund rodents shed pounds with new vaccine

Chubby mice quickly shed 10% of their body weight when injected with modified somatostatin, a peptide hormone.