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Sanofi Pasteur nabs Menactra expansion in Canada

Health Canada gave the nod to Sanofi Pasteur Canada to expand the indication for Menactra to infants 9 months of age.

Can Dynavax overcome Heplisav blow?

Two weeks ago, an FDA panel dealt a blow to Dynavax Technologies, raising concerns about the safety of the company's hepatitis B vaccine, Heplisav. Shares dropped and investors tend to turn their backs on a company when stock prices go down. But is the company's future really all that grim?

Pollen husks deliver vaccines to the gut

Pollen grains--the frustrating cause of sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes in those with hay fever--could prove an effective method for delivering oral vaccines.

Virus found in dogs may fuel new vaccines

A virus found in man's best friend may offer a platform for developing a potent human vaccine.

Danish-made TB vaccine sickens Romanian children

A Danish-made tuberculosis vaccine sickened more than 100 children in Romania, according to a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control report.

Selecta inks $900M immunotherapy deal with Sanofi

Selecta Biosciences, a U.S. vaccine company, inked a deal worth as much as $900 million with Sanofi to work on immunotherapies for life-threatening food allergies.

CureVac, German scientists take aim at faster flu vaccine

When it comes to flu pandemics, making and distributing vaccines quickly is of utmost importance. And now German scientists have developed an RNA vaccine that could cut flu vaccine production time from months to weeks.

Sanofi to test dengue vaccine in India

Sanofi Pasteur will begin trials of its dengue vaccine in India.

FDA approves Novartis flu vaccine

The FDA approved Novartis' novel flu vaccine produced using cultured animal cells instead of the traditional manufacturing process that uses fertilized chicken eggs.

GSK's Synflorix gleans positive results in infants

Results from the first randomized controlled European clinical trial of GlaxoSmithKline's ($GSK) pneumococcal conjugate vaccine show it's highly effective when it comes to preventing invasive pneumococcal disease in infants younger than age 2.