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As promised, we bring you the new and improved FiercePharma

Two-sided pill

Two-faced pill releases drugs to GI lining with a smooth side

Highland Therapeutics delivery tech

Phase III testing data looks promising for Highland's ADHD drug Benjorna

DNA hallway

GE Ventures, Mayo Clinic launch new personalized cell and gene therapy biz

Two groups with deep pockets--GE Ventures and the Mayo Clinic--have joined forces to launch a new company devoted to personalized cell and gene therapy.

Spotlight: Intec enrolls patients in PhIII trial

An MIT team has invented a device that makes a variety of drugs "on demand." Think of this as the emergency backup for pharmaceutical manufacturing,…

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MIT team invents machine for making personalized drugs on demand

An MIT team has invented a device that makes a variety of drugs "on demand"

Blood cells

Ewing, NJ's Celator Pharmaceuticals has raised $40.6 million.

DNA and nanogold structured into flexible strands

First 3-D DNA-nanogold imaging promises more intricate delivery structures

The proteins that comprise DNA can be used to create complex structures for drug delivery and other applications because of their flexibility and ability to be…


Nanoparticle 'cluster-bomb' targets tumors to reduce chemo doses

A team of scientists from the U.S. and China have devised a type of nanoparticle containing yet more nanoparticles, which together form a "cluster-bomb…

Augmenix touts study of its rectal spacer to cut radiotherapy effects

Waltham, MA's Augmenix touted its FDA-cleared absorbable spacer for improving prostate cancer radiotherapy. By implanting the hydrogel spacer between the…

India's Rusan Pharma opens transdermal patch plant in Gujarat

Mumbai, India's Rusan Pharma just inaugurated a $15 million facility dedicated to researching and manufacturing drug delivering transdermal patches in…

Shares of Alder Therapeutics spiked 55% when the company released promising Phase IIb study data of its intravenous candidate for treating migraines.

The FDA released a draft guidance requiring that generic version of abuse-deterrent opioids are at least as difficult to manipulate as the original med, as it…