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Vaccine Market Experts told a meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America that flu viruses are growing increasingly resistant to antivirals, with Europe seeing some of the greatest

Allergy Therapeutics shares spike on late-stage data

Shares of the UK's Allergy Therapeutics surged on the news that its experimental hay fever vaccine--Pollinex Quattro--demonstrated positive results in a crucial Phase III study, which they say was

Novartis touts mid-stage results for MenB

Novartis says that a mid-stage study of its MenB vaccine demonstrated broad protection from meningococcal B infections in infants. Researchers tracked positive results starting with three

Cervarix data demonstrates prolonged protection

GlaxoSmithKline has released new Cervarix data that demonstrates the vaccine's ability to generate a high and sustained level of antibodies to neutralize the two most prevalent strains of cervical

Vaccine makers to produce record amount of flu jab

The five key vaccine makers say they plan to produce a record 143 million doses of flu vaccine for the U.S. market next season, which should be enough to satisfy demand. Manufacturers delivered 140

SPOTLIGHT: Intercell to acquire Iomai

Austria's Intercell is buying Iomai for $189 million in cash and stock. The deal will add Iomai's patch to prevent traveler's diarrhea and an adjuvant for bird flu vaccine that has produced

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Vaccine Market South Korea says it will build a bird flu vaccine factory next year. And the country says it will stockpile enough Tamiflu to be able to treat 10 million people in the event of a

WHO warns of rising bird flu pandemic risk

The headlines may have died down in recent months, but bird flu experts say that the threat of a global pandemic has actually been growing. The World Health Organization outlined the spread of the

Experts call for long-term immunity tracking studies

Vaccine experts are pondering just how long vaccines will be able to provide immunity in a world where some diseases are all but eliminated and natural exposure to many common viruses has ended.

Researchers explore brain cancer vaccine

Researchers are touting the early results from a study of a new brain cancer vaccine that combines protein antigens extracted from a patient's tumor and matches them with white cells also drawn from

VaxGen sells anthrax vaccine to its old rival

Reduced to a skeleton crew and a bleak outlook, South San Francisco-based VaxGen sold its experimental anthrax vaccine to its former chief rival, Emergent BioSolutions, for $2 million down and up to

SPOTLIGHT: Covance wins CRO award

Covance, the inaugural sponsor of FierceVaccines, was recognized as the Best CRO at the 2008 World Vaccine Congress. The award recognizes for providing services that support vaccine development.

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Vaccine Market Harvard economist Dr. David E. Bloom has studied the economic impact of an effective national program for vaccinations, outlining how better health improves a person's wealth.

Swedish researchers launch anti-smoking vax trial

Researchers for Sweden's Independent Pharmaceutica are launching a mid-stage study of a new nicotine vaccine designed to help people give up smoking. The vaccine--dubbed Niccine--was developed by

FDA orders Merck to fix vaccine plant problems

The FDA has given Merck 15 days to decide how to fix

Discovery offers shortcut to custom flu vaccines

A team of researchers at Emory University and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation has found a way to radically upend the way new vaccines are developed to fight a pandemic. Just days after a

Many infants don't get vaccinations on time

A large group of American parents are having a tough time keeping up with their kids' vaccination schedules. More than a quarter of all children are under-vaccinated, with missed doses accounting

SPOTLIGHT: Researchers probe attitudes to HPV vaccine

Researchers have found that the younger a girl is, the less likely it is that her mother is prepared to arrange a vaccination against HPV. But the researchers note that the girls would benefit most

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Vaccine Market Roughly three out of every 10 parents in the UK either failed to sign a consent form for the new cervical cancer vaccine or sent in a refusal letter in its place.

AIDS vaccine researchers years away from success

Following a series of major setbacks trying to develop a vaccine for AIDS, The Independent surveyed the top scientists in the field and discovered a deep layer of pessimism. Only two of the 35 top