Baylor inks anti-cancer vax development pact

Japan-based SBI Biotech and Baylor Research Institute have inked a licensing deal and development agreement to develop anti-cancer vaccines for Asian markets, which could possibly include Japan,

Facing state barriers, flu jabs go unused

Years ago, it was typical to have flu vaccine shortages as doctors would typically use up their supply early in the season. Those long lines are history; vaccine production is at an all-time high.

Economic crisis overshadows AIDS vax summit

An international AIDS vaccine summit has provided a stage for some gloomy prognostications on vaccine research--and drug research in general--during a time of economic crisis. The meeting in South

Nobel winners frustrated, hopeful about AIDS vax

The French scientist Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for her work involving the discovery of HIV, tells the AP that the quest to find a vaccine to guard against AIDS has been

Wyeth seeking regulatory approval for Prevnar-13

Wyeth is putting the finishing touches on its regulatory application for Prevnar-13, the latest generation in a series of jabs that defend against pneumococcal disease. Wyeth researchers say that

Pre-priming cuts response time to bird flu jab

There's more evidence that pre-priming a population with avian flu jabs would help countries mount a rapid response to any outbreak in the future. A group of British researchers tested the approach

Type 1 diabetes vaccine effective in clinical trial

A new vaccine developed by a Swedish team of scientists may help children and adolescents diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes better manage the disease. The vaccine is made from the GAD protein, which is

Court upholds vaccine award; TB breakthrough reported;

Vaccine Market A state appeals court has upheld an $8.5 million judgment awarded to a St. Louis man who contracted polio despite being given an oral vaccine as a child. The vaccine was made by

VGX Pharma gets $23M NIH grant for HIV vax

Start-up VGX Pharmaceuticals has been awarded $23 million from the National Institutes of Health to complete the development and manufacturing of their preventive HIV vaccine, which is now in the

Acambis launches C. diff trial; VaxInnate takes second flu vaccine to clinic;

Vaccine Research Acambis has begun a large human trial of an experimental vaccine for the superbug C. difficile.

Gates galvanizes anti-malaria campaign

Late last week a group of the world's top health officials met to put the finishing touches to a multibillion-dollar campaign aimed at wiping out malaria. According to Newsweek, the initiative is the

Emergent wins $404M anthrax vax contract

Emergent BioSolutions' monopoly on approved anthrax vaccines was worth a new federal contract worth up to $404 million for a fresh stockpile. Emergent will supply 14.5 million doses of its vaccine

CDC to modernize VAERS

With the heat on to monitor the safety of vaccines, the CDC is calling for a new electronic system that can swiftly gather reports of adverse events from around the country. Right now 80 percent of

Scripps wins $30M for HIV research center

Scripps Research Institute has won a $30 million grant from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to create a new research center that will hunt for a new vaccine to guard against HIV. The IAVI

Emergent gets $404M vaccine contract

It seems that hardly a week goes by in which Emergent Biosolutions doesn't get a vaccine contract. This week it's a $404 million contract with the U.S. government to provide 14.5 million doses of

Emergent inks $29.7M anthrax vax contract

Emergent BioSolutions has inked a three-year, $29.7 million deal with Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

CRO signs vaccine research deal; Novavax prepares IIa flu trial;

Vaccine Research The CRO Encorium has signed $6.2 million in new contracts to undertake new vaccine research work.

Allergy Therapeutics advances ragweed vax

Allergy Therapeutics was forced to halt its Phase III trial of its Pollinex Quattro ragweed vaccine, but researchers for the company say the data still demonstrates its effectiveness. The study had

Medicago gets big backer for tobacco vax

After quietly backing the small Canadian vaccine developer Medicago, the giant tobacco company Philip Morris has stepped up to grab a majority interest in the company. Philip Morris took 49.9 percent

Novartis: Data supports pre-pandemic vax campaign

Investigators are touting new data that shows Novartis' pre-pandemic flu vaccine Aflunov can deliver swift protection to people primed with the MF59-adjuvanted vaccine up to six years earlier. Those