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CDC details side effects reported on Gardasil


The CDC says there have been about 8,000 reported incidents of adverse effects due to Gardasil vaccinations in the U.S. More than 11 million doses of Gardasil were distributed last year. The most common complaint was pain at the site of injection, though seven percent of the incidents were considered serious. That's about half the level of serious side effects that are reported for the average vaccine, says the CDC. There were 15 deaths reported, though investigators said they could not prove any causal link with the vaccine. Merck and the FDA have expanded the list of side effects associated with Gardasil, adding joint and muscle pain, fatigue, physical weakness and general malaise.  

- check out the story from the CBC

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This is one of those situations where a true breakthrough that will prevent potentially hundreds or thousands of cases of cervical cancer every year, not to mention many deaths, as well, is being 'vilified' unjustly. I see on this web newsletter, the lawyers are already gearing-up for an attempt at a class action suit. There's an old saying that "no good deed should go unpunished", usually applied to the stock market. But this is a perfect example. As an Infectious Disease specialist, I can tell you that this vaccine is truly a remarkable breakthrough. I certainly hope that the misplaced legal threats die out soon before women shy away from using a vaccine where the benefit greatly outweighs the risk.

You can say what you will but as a parent of a daughter who has had the series of Gardasil shots, The side effecs are not worth it. It sickens me as a mother that I fell into the "cancer" fear that the company markets through its commercials. There has not been enough studies done to show anything on this vaccine. You know it just as well as anyone!!

When you take into account the actual number of cases of cervical cancer being caused by HPV is very small, you realize that Merck is making millions from scaring young women into thinking they're fully protected from cervical cancer by taking this vaccine. While they do provide a disclaimer to the effect of saying it doesn't prevent all cervical cancers or herpes viruses, they still project the image that this vaccine will 'do it all' and prevent cervical cancer through their aggressive advertising campaigns. It needs to be stressed that this vaccine is for certain strains of HPV ONLY and cervical cancer needs to be left completely out of their advertising. It's misleading. While it may be exactly what a very few young women need in order to prevent those few cases of HPV caused cervical cancer, it's a vaccine that is virtually useless to anyone but Merck's investors.

Most cervical cancer *is* caused by HPV. Get your facts straight.

Nobody talks about the costs of abnormal pap smears. It is a stressful and inconvenient process to treat them. In the west we have been successful in preventing cervical cancer via pap smears. Since the vaccine prevents pre-cancerous cells, isn't that worth quantifying? Nobody is mentioning that.

I just had my first shot. The actual shot itself was the best 'shot' experience ive ever had. It didn't sting at all, as many report. The only side effects ive had so far were muscle pains, especially in the arm that was injected, and a feeling of weakness... I'll have to get the rest of the treatments, but so far, its worth the pain knowing im a little bit more protected from obtaining cervical cancer

Nice site, thanks for information!

I have been writing about Gardasil since Feb of 07 and the side effects are real. I know many families that their daughters are disabled now because of the vaccine. These girls were active and athletic and are now in constant pain and are suffering every day. On my website I have many articles about Gardasil. Check it out and get the truth. http: //www. cynthiajanak. com
And by the way here are the new numbers to VAERS
11939 reports to VAERS
32 dead

cynthia, I'd love to talk to you about this. My perfectly healthy 18 yr. old now suffers from syncope since her 3rd shot, and the quality of her life stinks. i will visit your website.

Girls need to be smarter and use safe sex practices. Condoms will prevent transmision of HPV. Once one becomes sexually active, yearly paps become very important. Some strains of HPV can progress to cancer in two years. A 14 yr old having unprotected sex could potentially have cancer before the age of 18. As much as I want to protect my daughter I am not willing to have her vacinated until more research is done. Those side effects are just too scary. I am not willing to roll the dice with her.

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